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  1. Hi: My wife has a T2202 for tuition paid in 2019 but has no income. So, for the federal taxes, Ufile has transferred the tuition to me. For the provincial (ON) taxes, it doesn't seem like tuition can be transferred (which is fine). However, when my wife's return is generated, Ufile doesn't include ON(S11) to carry forward the unused provincial tuition. Is this a bug?
  2. I have entered my son's information on his tuition and education amounts from his T2202A into his return. But nothing comes up in my husband's (or my) returns. Have I missed something?
  3. DevDye

    Tuition Deductions

    Hello, So my taxes are relatively simple as I am a student. However, I am having issues on Ufile when submitting my tuition. Before I insert my tuition amount from my T2202A, my refund comes in under $1,500... after the tuition is submitted, the refund comes in at under $400. Is there a reason for this? It seems a bit backwards. Thanks for your help.
  4. My wife has 2 T2202A forms, as she did online courses through one university, and on-campus classes through another. It will not let me have two on her file, and I can't combine them on one, as she was a part-time student for 6months online, overlapping her full-time status of 8months at the other school, and it won't let me have her in school for more than 12 months. Not sure what to do here.
  5. Liam

    Tax return 2016

    Hi there, I'm just wondering is tuition fee in 2016 still eligible for tax return? Somehow after i filled in the information i sorta got 0.00$, however i did the same method for 2017 tax form and got it back easily. Has anyone come by this particular issue? Let me know. Thanks
  6. Hoping someone may know where and how do you carry forward unused federal and ontario tuition and education amounts from previous years and is there a limit, both in terms of amount and time? Thanks
  7. I have seen similar questions / answers but it is not working for me. I have three children, the two youngest are living with my wife and I and attend university. I take the full $5,000 allowed. My eldest daughter separated from her common-law early in the year. She finished up school and did not make significant income. I am looking to transfer the tuition to my return. The problem is that the program is giving the tuition to my wife and not to me despite entering as part of my interview. I am in the highest tax bracket so I would like to deduct it, not my wife. Is there a
  8. I was having difficulty with the Tuition Transfer line. The Ufile software clearly stated the Maximum amount my child could transfer to a parent, ($6922) but when you enter that EXACT amount in the window you get a warning that it exceeds the Maximum for Ontario Tuition transferable. It would then prevent you from filing said child's taxes online. I did notice that when I installed the software it never checked for an update. I selected Settings and Update. There was an update available to me so I downloaded and installed it. That fixed the bug with the software and now my child was ab
  9. I am processing my adult children's Taxes. They each have unused Tuition Credits, Federal and Provincial. Question 1) Can I claim both the Federal and Provincial amounts on my claim? Question 2) Since I have two children my claim exceeds the Federal limit. The Software will not allow me to exceed the $5000 cap on my claim. I was under the impression this was $5000 per student, not tax claim. How can I override this?
  10. In the interview I selected "Line 6086 - Manitoba tuition fee income tax rebate - unused amount and subsequent claims [T1005]" under "Manitoba Tax and Credits" I then entered the cumulative tuition fees from my 2014 notice of assessment in the corresponding spot. However, this number is NOT showing up in my tax return under form T1005 - Manitoba Tution fee Income Tax rebate on the corresponding line 1 in part 2 "Enter the cumulative tuition fees amount from your 2014 notice of assessment or notice of reassessment." As line 3 asks the tax filer to add lines 1 and 2 together, this means I do n
  11. In the interview I selected "Line 6086 - Manitoba tuition fee income tax rebate - unused amount and subsequent claims [T1005]" under "Manitoba Tax and Credits" I then entered the cumulative tuition fees from my 2014 notice of assessment in the corresponding spot. However, this number is NOT showing up in my tax return under form T1005 - Manitoba Tution fee Income Tax rebate on the corresponding line 1 in part 2 "Enter the cumulative tuition fees amount from your 2014 notice of assessment or notice of reassessment." As line 3 asks the tax filer to add lines 1 and 2 together, this means I do n
  12. Two parents, one university student with some income (15K$). If we ignore the T2202A completely we have a net family refund of 771$. When I claim the tuition deduction and allow UFile to decide the optimal use, the net refund drops by 200$. Can this be right? (QC taxpayer if that makes any difference). If this is correct, am I allowed to simply ignore this deduction (and waive my right to use unused amounts in future years)?
  13. Unused provincial tuition from prior years is not being carried forward in the tax return even though "carry forward" is selected. It is being used entirely unless the entire "education" tab is removed from the return.
  14. I am a University student, my degree program is online except each year there is a two week required on campus residency, meaning I have quite a bit of travel expenses to fly across the country and stay for two weeks. I cannot find any reference to this situation with Revenue Canada, just wondering if anyone else has run into this and how they might have been able to claim it. Thanks.
  15. I have T2202A form and I need to submit "examination fees" as well as I am eligible as per http://www.cra-arc.gc.ca/tx/ndvdls/tpcs/ncm-tx/rtrn/cmpltng/ddctns/lns300-350/323/lgbl-eng.html. How can I submit these examination fees. It looks like there is no option under "Tuition, Eduacation and Textbook amount.
  16. I live in Quebec and have an adult daughter studying in Ontario who transfers to my Federal return $5000 of unused tuition and education deduction. Quebec has a similar deduction but requires that the child have a RL-8 tax slip and report it on Form S. Living in Ontario, she does not receive a RL-8 nor file a Quebec return. Does this mean that I cannot claim the transfer? As it happens, when I claim the transfer on UFile for my Federal return, it automatically inserts it on the Quebec one as well. Should I let it stand, assuming that UFile knows best?
  17. Hi, Im from BC and I completed schedule 11 and calculated $5000 of tuition, education, and textbook credit that I can transfer to my dad. I want to transfer $5,000 federally and $5,000 provincially to him. On my dad's tax return, line 324 is showing as $10,000. I don't understand this. Shouldn't it be $5,000 as CRA says that $5,000 is the maximum that can be transferred for that line? Could someone please explain this to me. Thanks!
  18. Hi There, I'm currently commuting to a school in US. I got a CRA tax form that is VERY SIMILAR to regular T2202A, but it is titled "Tuition, Education, and Textbook Amounts Certificate - Commuter to the United States" It shows an amount in USD. Is that normal? should I not report my deductions based on a CAD amount? Perhaps based on the exchange rate of that day the bank draft/cheque was written to the school? Thank you, salesdtm
  19. Hi, I just graduated from an university in Quebec in April 2013. I was an international student so I paid a lot of tuition, I have about $60K carryforward from previous year and another $10k that i paid in 2013. When I file on UFile, line 323 shows a tuition amount of $20k however when i go to Quebec return, line 398 does not show anything. My situation is when i was a student (Jan-May 2013) I work part-time and I filed a form to be tax exempted. Once i started full-time my job i start paying taxes again, but i understand that the amount of tax I paid is much less than what I'm supposed
  20. Hi there, I am trying to fill out my 2013 return, but I have concerns that there may be an error with respect to line 323. I was a student for one semester in 2013 and as such have filled out the 'Tuition, Education and Textbook Amounts' section in the interview (line 323). As far as what fields are filled out on that page: Ufile has automatically included carryover unused tuition amounts both federal and provincial. I have filled out both the 'description' and the 'amount' fields for 'Eligible tuition fees paid for 2013'. I have filled out the field for 'Months of full-time post-
  21. I have two children transferring federal tuition credits to me. These individually do not exceed $5000 but collectively do. If I enter more than $5000, I get an error. If I try to add a second form, I am told the maximum number of forms is 1. This seems like a bug to me. How do I enter amounts from two children?
  22. I took a continuing education workshop through a professional association. They issued me a letter indicating that I took the course, and the cost, indicating that I should save it for tax purposes. Where can I claim this type of expense? It is not a T2202A form and I don't think it qualifies for tuition since it was not at least 3 weeks in length.
  23. Hi, I have a student son studying in US, and I have encountered two issues using U-File to report the tuition abroad. 1) The University provided the filled form TL11A, for which there is no entry in the U-File Interview questionnaire. I kind of "resolved" this by inputting the information as if it is T2202A form, since both fields and information provided are similar. But if someone has a better solution specific to U-File Interview, please share it. 2) The University provided the amount of scholarship awards granted to my son for the tax period in simple text form on the offic
  24. jmfskipper

    Tuition claim

    Hello, is there a way to remove the "Education and textbook amounts for 2012" on line 322 at Schedule 11? Only a portion of my 2012 tution fees is claimable because my company reimbursed partially and therefore CRA said I cannot claim any "Education and textbook amounts". CRA gave me a review of this last year and then I had to manually file this part (frustrating!). There seems to be no way to modify this field since it's automatically computed by UFile based on the "Eligible tuition fees paid for 2012". Is there a way to make it modifiable? Thanks.
  25. You transferred an amount of post-secondary studies (Schedule S). You must enter the solidarity tax credit received in the taxation year. Click here to fix . The amount that can be transferred is reduced by five times the amount of solidarity tax credit received. It alwasys show the above result even I do not choose the TRANSFER. IT seems that many people have the same problem. What is is the reason possible
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