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Found 5 results

  1. I'm a single parent with two children aged 10. I've set it up under Controls for each dependant answering YES to "If you were a single parent on December 31, 2016. Do you wish to include all UCCB amounts you received in 2016 in the income of this dependant." Where can I enter the UCCB amount under my children's file? The only area that I can find to enter the UCCB amount is under my file, and then it adds it to my income.
  2. Hi Everyone, My son was born in November 2015 and the first cheque received for UCCB was in January and it covered payment for December'15 and January'16. Since the payment was not received until January, I will not receive the RC62 tax slip until next year. How do you bypass requirement for RC62 tax slip information. I tried inputting $0 for line 10 and 12, but it would not work. It will work if I put $0.01, but that would be incorrect information. Any ideas on how I would handle this? Thanks. Bart
  3. I am getting a warning "No amount was entered for the Universal Child Care Benefit ". The child concerned turned 16 during the tax year. For reasons I do not understand, Ufile seems to think that we should enter an amount for Universal Child Care Benefit: No amount was entered for the Universal Child Care Benefit (RC62 box 10). This dependant was under 18 years old during the year. However, no amount was entered for the Universal Child Care Benefit (RC62 box 10). We have received no RC62 forms, nor do I think we should. How can I get rid of this message?
  4. How do you claim the UCCB on an eligible dependent if you are a single parent? I have gone in and checked off that the dependent has income to report but it will not bring up the UCCB check box under income to report. I can only find it under the parents interview set up.
  5. I have entered the UCCB amount from the RC slip in the interview section, however it is not showing up in my final return. In the tax summary page line 117 shows up as zero. I have used ufile for 10 years now and I do not think I am making any mistake. Is this a bug?
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