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Found 14 results

  1. H Turner


    Is this help page being monitored? Why is the earliest tax year 2017. Where can we go for help for 2018?
  2. When I did CRA Autofill, I noticed that my T5008 form did not have the cost/book value filled in. I accepted the CRA information but my T5008 information did not appear later in the interview. Do I need to add the T5008 tab and enter manually? If so, how do I make sure to not have it entered twice?
  3. Mr. G


    Trying to Auto-fill download and keep getting; error: the web browser has been closed before the completion of the process tried everything I can think of but will not download
  4. Is anyone else getting "Error connecting with CRA server. Please try again later."? I've been getting the error for the past 3 days....don't think "try again later" is going to work. ​Auto-fill worked on the same system, on the same returns, just a few weeks ago. Not a firewall problem (turned off), all personal info is correct (SIN etc.), at a loss to diagnose this one. Does UFile create a log file for diagnostics? ​UFile version Thanks in advance.
  5. Because I get a number of T-slips from mutual funds and trusts come in late, I expect I will be going back to CRA for updates. What isn't clear to me is how UFile will handle the merge: Does it only add "new" T slips (automatically)? Or do I have to accept only the slips that I haven't seen before? (And how would I easily tell which is which?) If I have updated a slip (e.g. the "cost or book value" field on a T5008) will I lose that edit if I accept the same slip again? Will the merge mess up if I rename the security? (Possibly because it complains that it's longer than 30 characters!), and as a sub-question, how can I differentiate t-slips for the same security held in different accounts - one joint, one individual - if I can't rename it? I'm also at a loss as to the best way to cross check the downloaded data with my paper slips to ensure they are in sync - do I have to recheck after each update? In general, what's the best work flow for using this feature? Thanks in advance if anyone has answers!
  6. After doing auto-fill, I find there are blank, or empty, T# slip entries, which I recognize as ones from last year, because I renamed some to identify which were from joint accounts. While these don't appear to get in the way of correct calculation, they make cross-checking that the paper slips and the auto-fill data very difficult as each one has to be opened to see what's in it. My question is, how do I delete these extra entries?
  7. FGB


    Does Ufile support auto-fill? If not, when will Ufile introduce this feature?
  8. QuebecCanuck


    Is auto-fill available for UFile? If yes, how do I turn it on? If no, shouldn't it be?
  9. It seems that the checkbox to enable CRA Auto-fill my return is missing from the "CRA Auto-Fill my Return" page. How can enable the checkbox so that I can use Auto-Fill? I am using U-File 2016 Version Any help is appreciated.
  10. When is CRA Auto-fill available? The page for auto-fill in Online shows the below message, and it's past the 13th.... The CRA's Auto-fill my return service for the delivery of 2016 tax year data will be available for use as of Monday February 13, 2017.
  11. I'm a new online user trying to use the CRA Auto-fill my return capability. The help file reads: To use the CRA's Auto-fill my return service for the first time, please follow these steps: 1. On the 'Interview" page, in the navigation window list located on the left-hand side, select the page "CRA Auto-fill my return". There is no "CRA Auto-fill my return" option. I've tried both Chrome and MS Edge browsers on Windows 10 with all updates / patches applied. Any suggestions appreciated.
  12. On the interview page in the navigation window the item ``CRA Auto-fill my return`` does not show. What do I have to do to make it show up?
  13. Auto-fill downloaded T5008 info into Schedule 4 instead of Schedule 3. Will UFile be fixing this software issue or do I need to correct it manually?
  14. T4A slip did not transfer Box 016, pension income, into 2015 UFile, although other boxes (022,046, 119,135,) were correctly made. The Box 16 income does show on the download page but does not get included in the Review or Tax Return sections of Ufile, (eg T1 slips summary). Cannot get this income amount onto my tax return.......does not appear to be a manual way to enter number in Interview page. Cannot proceed with tax return.
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