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Found 6 results

  1. Good day! I auto downloaded from CRA, and received a T5008 for an in-kind contribution of a stock to a TFSA, from my main taxable investing account. Comparing book to price at transfer, I have a small loss. I know this isn't claimable, but CRA doesn't have a book cost listed, so I don't want to leave it as is, or they (and the UFile program!) will think I had a profit for the full amount. However, if I enter the actual book cost, it will see this as a loss on your program, which I am not entitled to. I don’t want to delete it, since CRA will just see it as a gain I am skipping over. How should I do this? If nothing is obvious, my next plan is to call CRA. Thanks! I should point out that I did contact UFile, outlining the question as above (Request# UB2770304 if you are “listening” in, UFile!) , and this was the somewhat disappointing and yet amazingly humorous off-topic reply to my inquiry at 4:45 yesterday (I wrote back immediately, but have heard no more): Hello, Thank you for contacting UFile technical support, If you have some losses in your T5008, you should choose 'Capital gain /losses' as type of income not 'Investments income. Regards, Fadi On behalf of the UFile Team
  2. Hi, My Windows is 8.1, and I keep getting "Error connecting with CRA server. Please try again later." when requesting the Auto-fill service. My time is correct, using EDT. Any suggestions/solutions? TIA
  3. Hi, I am using netfile and CRA to retrieve my tax data. I noticed that CRA and Netfile retrieves their own copy of T4/RL-1 and T5. It seems to be duplicated. i just want to make sure with you guys that this is normal? Thanks, Har
  4. Hello, I'm having trouble using the new autofill feature. When I click on the Download button on the AFR page I get a pop up with the following message: Error trying to find an eligble web browser. I have both Chrome and Firefox on my system. Are neither of these supported? There is no further information except for the single pop up window with an OK or Cancel option.
  5. After selecting the autofill my tax return, the system automatically filled my T5008 ( Statement of securities transactions) information into Investment and interest income and expenses section. After that, I needed to add other relevant details like book values or outlays etc. which I completed. At the end of the system calculated that I owe like $200,000 to CRA which is not true. Ufile just calculating my transactions as my profits... it seems that it is not doing the actual calculations (realized gains: proceeds- cost&expenses ). Why? I know if I will fill my information manually in capital gains/losses section (Schedule 3), there will not be any problem. But why it is not doing the right output of tax return when autofill option is used?
  6. Auto-fill downloaded T5008 info into Schedule 4 instead of Schedule 3. Will UFile be fixing this software issue or do I need to correct it manually?
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