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Found 8 results

  1. In entering employment expenses, I input "food, beverage and entertainment expenses" as $123.98 When my return printed, it has on form T777, line 8523 "61.99 x 50% = 30.99" In other words, the program seems to have taken my input, reduced it by 50% to enter on from T777, then reduced it by another 50% to calculate the deductible portion. Is this an error in the program?
  2. Every year I seem to find a bug in tax software. Ugh. I am trying to enter 'Home Office Expenses' like I have done in previous years. I have two separate businesses that each have different home office space usage amounts and different carry-forward amounts from previous years (since they were started in different years). There seems to be a bug that does 2 things after saving: 1) Deletes one 'Home Office Expense' entry (first business). All values become empty after save. 2) Changes data under the second company. It merges data from both entries for the Home Office Expense info under only one of the business. Example: both amount gets added here after save: Unused portion of home office expenses carried forward from last year So if one business had a carry-forward of $1,000 and the other $3,000 - after saving I see $0.00 in one business and $4,000 in second business which is WRONG. The amount needs to remain separate. They were started years apart so they have different carry forward amounts that I should not have to merge under only one business... Help! Thanks in advance...
  3. http://www.ufile.ca/tips-and-tools/ufile-blog/ufile-blog/2016/02/08/rrsp-primer---part-1 The carryover function doesn't see to work. In the first 60 days, you should be able to specify that you are using only a certain amount and if it was in the first 60 days, it should not count as over contribution. For example, using fictional numbers, the rrsp limit is 10000. If I contribute 9000 last year, and then 5000 in the first 60 day, you shuld be able to specify only to use 10000 for the year. T he error saying that there is more than 2000 over contribution appears. That isn't correct. You could do this in previous years. Is that correct?
  4. Hi, I'm filling out a return for myself and my daughter. My daughter has an amount for the WITB line 453 that she is not eligible for. She is a full-time student. I've filled in her education amounts, so I don't know why she's getting this result. I can't find a way to remove it. I've written to customer service and the response I got was that if she's not eligible, the programme won't say she is. ???? Obviously not. Is it because her father (parent not processed) will claim the amounts? If so, what do I do? This is the last thing I need to do on my taxes!! Hope someone can help. Thanks. EDIT: I figured out that I had to fill in all the details re. amounts and months in school from the federal receipt, even though I am not claiming it. I can't seem to erase this post.
  5. Hi there, I can't file my return electronically. When I click agree to terms and conditions and hit submit i get the following "underlying connection was closed: An unexpected error occurred on a send." Has anyone else experienced this? What is the issue? I paid for ufile and now I can't submit it. This is frustrating.
  6. Hi guys I'm seeing a bug in your software. I'm getting the error "A required field was left blank" with a link to the RRSP deduction limit field, but I have not left the field blank. I used the new CRA Auto-fill feature. If I start over and don't use Auto-fill, the problem doesn't occur. So basically you can't use Auto-fill. Too bad.
  7. I filed my tax return using UFile/Netfile in 2015 (tax year 2014). I just received a notice of reassessment from CRA stating that they have adjusted my return to include income from CIBC Canadian Bond Fund(T3 Box 26) and I have owed over $400 plus $12.75 interest. I double checked my Ufile return and I confirmed that I DID include this information on Box 26 when I filed my return. However when I downloaded paper copy from Ufile today, i noticed that Ufile shows this on Schedule 3, Item 2 Qualified Farm Property and qualified fishing property. (I am not a fisherman). I suspect that this error also included in the Netfile copy which I submitted. I don't think CRA made its reassesment by moving this value from Fishing income to correct place. So their reassesment now includes fishing income (which is wrongly filed by UFILE) and income from CIBC Canadian Bond Fund(T3 Box 26). It looks like there are other people having exactly same problem with Ufile.
  8. Seems strange to explicitly remove these search terms when queried. These were actually the first search terms I tried after signing up for an account here! Makes locating some topics more challenging. For example, I tried to search for: "cca personal" Result is it just searches for personal, which gives results much less useful. Even less useful, tried searching for "cca bug". Removes both search terms! Is there some explanation why these are excluded from search attempts? It's a little frustrating.
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