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Found 9 results

  1. In 2016 I did my taxes using UFILE ONLINE. I can only save pdfs of my tax file, don't see where I can save a .tax or a .u16 file. I need to do this in order to carry forward my file to my 2017 windows software. PLEASE HELP!!
  2. Hoping someone may know where and how do you carry forward unused federal and ontario tuition and education amounts from previous years and is there a limit, both in terms of amount and time? Thanks
  3. I have purchased Ufile 2015 for Windows and when I start the program at the main screen, When I click Updates, a dialogue box opens and no updates are done. If you click on Carry Forward the Browse option does search for file and . If you cut and paste the file location such as D:\Ufile2014\TaxFile2014.u14 when you click Continue It Actually Says “Ooops, something has gone wrong would you like to start the Support assistance, Click OK and then the Check for Updates appears again… If I enter information why can’t I save it or do a Save AS, or if I close the programs it doesn’t prompt me to save. I have uninstalled and re installed and manually did an update UBxupdater,exe to v 1911 and no luck. I had already entered my data, so nice the save or save option didn’t work I have been using Ufile since 2009 and never had a problem until 2015
  4. Unused provincial tuition from prior years is not being carried forward in the tax return even though "carry forward" is selected. It is being used entirely unless the entire "education" tab is removed from the return.
  5. Hi, in the optomization section for charity donations, there is a box saying the following however when i go to the dropdown list in order to select the option i can't find that option. that option is not in the dropdown list. how do i force the program to carry forward my donations to next year? Joe
  6. JawadAhmad

    Carry forward

    I'm a student and just wondering if i'm using the free account, does the carry forward amount show up into the next year automatically or would i have to do it manually?
  7. I think I'm experiencing a bug in the import of my 2013 tax return, and would like to know whether the workaround steps I've taken are appropriate. Any help would be much appreciated! In 2013, I overcontributed both to my RRSP and to my spouse's, and so I am bringing forward unused contributions in 2014. I used Ufile for Windows in both 2013 and 2014, and so I got Ufile to carry forward my u13 file to begin. Before I enter any more information, the 2014 RRSP Schedule shows my unused spousal contributions carried forward correctly, but not my own RRSP's unused contributions. I then proceed to enter my unused contributions from line (B) on my 2013 notice of assessment (a number which accounts for my overcontributions to both my and my spouse's RRSP). The RRSP Schedule then sums that number with the carried forward number, effectively double-counting my unused spousal contributions from 2013. This looks like a bug. Unfortunately, I cannot find any way to delete the carried forward spousal contribution or supply the missing carried forward RRSP contribution. My workaround is to subtract the unused spousal contribution from line (B) and enter that difference as my undeducted contributions in the "RRSP contributions, limits" form. Can anyone confirm whether what I'm seeing is a bug or my misunderstanding of how the software is intended to work? Also, have I picked a good workaround or should I try to solve this another way? Thanks!
  8. Some Clown


    If you stop being self-employed for a couple of years, because of full-time work for an employer, and then go back to self-employment, is it the first year of the business, again?
  9. How do I carry-forward donations that are on a T4?
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