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Found 7 results

  1. My son has unused tuition fees (federal/provincial) from a prior year (2017) but in 2018 he was employed (no longer a student) and has foreign income and foreign tax credits. Based on his income (in 2018) he does not have to use any portion of his unused tuition fees credits as he has sufficient foreign tax credits already. In reviewing the T2202A portion, i chose the option 'Treatment of current year unused tuition amount - Carry forward to use next year'. However, when i review the PDF, i noticed that the program is using all of his unused tuition fees in calculating his net federal/provincial taxes payable, thereby effectively neglecting the Carry forward option. I DO NOT want to use the 'unused tuition fees from a prior year' at all and the only option for me is to delete the T2202 form all together. However, my concern is that CRA may apply the unused tuition fee credits from what they have on the file already with them. My question is - how do i force the Ufile to force carry forward unused tuition fees to a future year and not use any such amounts in calculating both Net Federal/provincial taxes payable which are going to be anyway lower than what has already been paid to a foreign country. This is to let CRA know that I do not plan to use unused tuition fees in 2018 during the filing itself without leaving it ambiguous for CRA to handle it on my behalf. Thank you.
  2. Hi, Is it normal that i get a T936 - CNIL form after carry forwarding from 2017? Let me know if you guys know. Thanks.
  3. After doing a carry forward, i see a section for capital gains (or losses) and ABIL section. Underneath that, i see: - inclusion rate for 2000 - capital gain history Is this something from the carry forward that I should keep on this file? or should i delete this too? I also see a bunch of empty T5's created after the carry forward. Those I had deleted. Thanks in advance, guys.
  4. I have used Ufile (Windows Version) for over five years now, but this is the one year that amounts in the '2015 Summary of Carryforward' have not been transferred to 2016 Ufile. Basic information like name, social ins# got carried forward but not these amounts despite two attempts at carrying over last years information. Amounts in CNIL; RRSP and unused Tuition Amounts have not been carried forward. I sent an email to support and all I received back was a list of links that suggested I read further. Non of these links were of any help. Prior to this I was using an older version of Windows, so I am not sure if this has something to do with this issue. Can you offer a solution as all I want is to make sure that the amounts are allocated to the correct Tax Form line. Thank you
  5. For the 2011 tax year, My husband and I each completed a completely separate ufile return. This screwed up our deductions as ufile claimed deductions for both of us that we were not otherwise eligible for. For 2012, we have each finished a separate 2012 tax return on ufile. How do we combine our separate files so that all the information is in one consolidated ufile and it calculates all the deductions properly?
  6. Hi, I just graduated from an university in Quebec in April 2013. I was an international student so I paid a lot of tuition, I have about $60K carryforward from previous year and another $10k that i paid in 2013. When I file on UFile, line 323 shows a tuition amount of $20k however when i go to Quebec return, line 398 does not show anything. My situation is when i was a student (Jan-May 2013) I work part-time and I filed a form to be tax exempted. Once i started full-time my job i start paying taxes again, but i understand that the amount of tax I paid is much less than what I'm supposed to pay overall. In fact I have a balance due of a few hundred dollars to Revenue Quebec. My question is I paid over $10K in tuition in 2013 and have a large carryforward from previous year, why didn't anything show up in line 398? My understanding is that i can use some tuition credit here. Could somebody explain to me where I went wrong or if i missed something here? Thanks
  7. Hi, This is my first year using Ufile and so far it has been smooth sailing! I had a question about the Tuition and Education section. I graduated in 2011 and started working in 2012 so for my 2012 tax return, I had Federal as well as Provincial Tuition carry forward I could use. I entered the Federal and Provincial carry forward amounts into the "Unused tuition and education amounts from prior years" as per the instructions and used the "MaxBack" option under "Treatment of unused tuition, education and textbook amounts". When I go to the summary, only the federal amount is applied. Why isn't the provincial amount being used as well? Will this mean that the Federal amount is being applied but the Provincial will be carried forward? Thanks!
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