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Found 8 results

  1. I have a general question regarding the child care expenses deductions and I am wondering if I understand the situation properly. In a common law-situation where both persons work, in normal situation the child care expenses can only be deducted from the low income spouse and it gets directly deducted from the net income. Am I correct is saying that the higher the low income is (i.e. in a higher tax bracket), the more tax break you get? If it is so, how is that fair for lower income families? Any insight on this would be appreciated.
  2. Hi everyone - I have used Ufile for abour 10 years and have never had a problem. I earn a lower income than my husband. My husband and I complete our tax returns separately as he sends his to an accountant. I estimated my husband's net income (and grossed it up). After I inputted child care expenses for my children, and after I pressed the "review" tab, I get this message: "UFile cannot claim a deduction for the child care expenses you entered". I can't figure out why! I even went back to last year's return and everything I entered for my husband was the same as this year (I don't enter "complete information"). I am perplexed as I have done the same thing every year without a problem and I can't figure out what has now changed. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated! Thank you, MrsS.
  3. I have completed filling in my taxes but receiving this error: UFile cannot claim a deduction for the child care expenses you entered. I have 2 children in child care which I entered into their own profiles but the system is not allowing me to proceed and file my taxes. I am not getting any assistance by email and on hold for an hour and the system hangs up.
  4. Going around in circles here.... Where do I enter child care expenses for a dependant? I've created a dependant and I can see their tab. No where on there does the Child Care option show up. I went back to the Interview Setup and don't see anything there, either. The only way I can get anything child care related is to choose the Child Care (Special cases) option under my Interview Setup, but it's not a special case, it's just regular child care costs.
  5. I am the higher earner in the family, and my partner has been attending school full time for half of the year. In this situation, I can claim child care expenses despite being the higher earner. My question is, do I need to separate child care expenses incurred before vs after my partner started school? I have some expenses from the first half of the year, when my partner was not in school, and I have some from the second half, while she was in school - am I able to claim all of these, or only the ones since September?
  6. Hello, My child attended a private (unsubsidized) home based daycare in Quebec for part of the year, for which I have a receipt with the care provider's SIN. They also attended a subsidized Quebec daycare for which I have a receipt, and an RL-30. In previous years, I would enter in Ufile Online as Daycare and enter the care taker's SIN as its registration number. This year, the only option to enter a SIN number is under Babysitter. Where can I find a definition of what constitutes a Daycare vs a Babysitter expense? I feel as though I should file as Daycare. Should I simply omit the care provider's SIN number? My child also attended a coop preschool, with no RL-24 but with a Quebec Business NUmber. Does that represent a Boarding School, Daycare, Daycamp, Babysitting? Thank for helping me determine which is which.
  7. Hi, My In laws, both over 75, lives with us and we intend to claim caregiver amount for both. They also provide childcare services when my wife and I are at work. We have a 5 year old and a 10 year old. My in laws immigrated to Canada two years ago and have no other income. Can we claim both caregiver amount ($4,608 each) and Child care expenses for two kids ($8000+$5000) ? Does my father in law need to report income of $13,000 ? if yes then how and which section ? Many thanks for the help.
  8. Hi, I live Quebec and paid 5070$ in child care to my daycare but received advance payments from the Quebec Gov in the amount of 3704$ for the tax credit for child care. Now when claiming child care expenses federally, on line 214 do I only put the difference that I have not been reimbursed ($5070-$3704) as my childcare amount or do I indicate the total ($5070)? I'm really struggling with this. Thanks! Bianca
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