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Found 5 results

  1. I have am missing a arts receipt, so I decided to try to do the calculation with and without the amount is to see how much the difference would be if I found the receipt. It turns out to make no difference and I can't figure out why. I only have one other amount under that line (for $70) so I am well under the $500 max for that line and any increase under $500 should make a difference. My income is under the requisite level and every other qualification is met. My question is - any ideas why I am not getting anything for this tax credit? I am filling it out on my daughters return. One other relevant piece of information is that I have entered quite a bit ($650) for fitness and recreation credit. Is perhaps the case that the max of $500 is for both Quebec credits combined?
  2. WPinto

    Child tax return

    After finished my tax return, UFile online gives a message that my kids do not need to fill the federal return. Is this mean that they need to fill the Quebec return ? I looked for more information and i saw that my children have a Quebec return filled by UFile. But they do not have any revenue at all, only some medical expenses and transport expenses (they have 14 and 7 years old). Do I need file a Quebec return for them ? Thank you.
  3. you entered child care expenses without including the valid SIN or identification number of the person who received the payments.
  4. I filed my taxes correctly (thank you) but someone has just suggested to me that in order to get the Canada Child Tax Benefit (CCTB) I have to fill in a form called an RC66. This is easily available on the CRA website. Is this recommendation true? If so, I'm wondering how many parents are missing out on this!
  5. Ufile keeps reporting it cannot file my boy's application, and keeps asking whether he is a Canadian citizen, which never happened before. What other solutions apart from selecting no on the show marginal tax rate do I have to get this fixed. Thanks in advance.
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