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Found 6 results

  1. Hi, Is it normal that i get a T936 - CNIL form after carry forwarding from 2017? Let me know if you guys know. Thanks.
  2. I have a rental property. For year 2017 I reported 12,000 as Net income from rental (line 21 on form T776) and this amount was reported in form T936, line 19. I paid taxes on this rental income. \ When today I opened my new 2018 year file, I see already CNIL 12,000 carried from last year as Total Federal Net CNIL Income at the end of 2017. Should I enter anything in Total Federal Net CNIL Expenses at the end of 2017 - maybe that tax which I paid on that rental income? If I will sell the property in 2019, should I add this CNIL Income 12,000 to the gain from selling the property (difference between selling price and initial price of the property)? Thanks.
  3. Hi, I have a CNIL balance for 2017. I have also sold shares in 2017 - can I use the CNIL to offset the capital gains? If so - how do I get UFile to do so?
  4. For the past 10 years or so I have been recording investment losses on a rental property. The property sold last year and I need to claim both the capital gain (on the overall property - sale price less base price less expenses of sale) and the total accumulated CNIL. I did not depreciate the property for tax purposes over the years. I entered the sale and base amounts in the Capital Gains (or losses) section. Question: should those amounts be net of (plus/minus) the expenses incurred in the sale? The CNIL calculation shows up in a T936 but I do not see where that is then carried anywhere (ie to a T657). 2015 was the last year of that business so I am expecting to be taxed on the CNIL. What am I missing? Thanks
  5. I have a capital loss from 2015 (let's say $3000), and I'd like to use that against a capital gain I had in 2014 (let's say $2500). I've found the appropriate forms, but I'm not sure which numbers to put in which boxes on "Net capital loss for carryback" section. Can someone give me some guidance? Thanks! Adam
  6. b52shot

    why do I have CNIL?

    Hi.. So I'm using Ufile for the second year in a row, and when I started my 2014 tax filling, I realized ufile automatically created a form called CNIL and automatically filled "Total Federal CNIL Income at the end of 2013" by an amount equal to the interest from Canadian sources I filled in 2013 ? Why is ufile reporting this even though i declared it last year and how does that affect my return ? and what's the purpose ??? what will happen if i delete it ? Thanks
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