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Found 4 results

  1. My credit card has been charged twice for my single corporation's T2 return. Please refund the second amount. Here's what happened: I entered all my corporation's tax info in the interview screens, no problems. I went to the "view full return" page, which directed me to the payment page. I entered my credit card details, clicked submit, and the website said "processing...." Then, the site went to an error page: "Oops, something went wrong...." My choices were "go back" or "login", so I went back - thinking that maybe I entered a wrong number in my credit card info, or something similar. I went back to the payment screen, and entered my credit card details for a second time. Once again, it said "processing...", then went to the same "Oops, something went wrong" error screen. This time, I went back to my tax info screens, and this time when I navigated to the "view full return" page, I could see my full return and had the option to file online - so it was obvious that a payment had gone through. I see on my credit card statement that I've been charged the full amount twice, in two separate transactions. I tried submitting a help request via the online form - I did this two days ago, from two different browsers. I haven't received any reply - not even the automated response that I'm supposed to get within 15 minutes. It's not in my junk email. Please refund the second charge. I would also like to have a receipt for the payment (the legitimate single payment that is valid). I can't find anywhere on the site where I can see my account payment history or download a receipt.
  2. I am attempting to purchase a UFile online T2 return for a corporation, using internet explorer. I entered the payment information and clicked "Submit" on the payment page. I am shown a loading dialogue that says "Please wait while we validate your credit card." The payment never appears to succeed and the previously mentioned dialogue stays indefinitely. The attached screen shot shows the dialogue. I guess my question is, how can I successfully pay for a T2 return? Is there currently a known problem with payments?
  3. I purchased the wrong UFile year and need a refund. I already have the 2014 version. I bought this thinking it was to complete 2014 taxes beginning in January 2015. I put in a ticket with UFile support but have not heard anything yet. The downloaded software was not installed and the activation code was not used. I am hoping that UFile will reimburse my credit card. I have been a loyal UFile customer using it every year since inception.
  4. I had a problem ordering, I am copying in below the feedback I sent to UFile and their only response so far. I find it appalling that there is no telephone support to verify what has happened as their email support seems unresponsive and I cannot re-order because they already have my credit card information and I do not wish to be billed twice. Meantime the clock on the tax filing deadline is ticking down. My thoughts on a possible reason are at the end of this post. In the meantime on line purchasers should beware of entering credit card information. > Existing customer from prior years, received unsolicited CD. After > entering order details and credit card info displays screen with zero > items in cart and asking to choose order details (were already entered on > prior screen). When 1 item placed in chart and check out clicked returns > to same screen with zero items in cart again. No email activation sent. > Cannot re-order as you already have credit card. Annoyed as intending to > do taxes this weekend. Like your CD in the mail marketing idea but you > need to be able to follow through properly. Please ensure activation code > sent. The UFile response was: > This is an automated response. We are presently receiving a high volume of > support requests and you will find hereafter suggested answers that might > help you. > > Please consult the links below. [ omitted here ] > > If none of the following links answers your question, simply reply to this > email to receive further assistance from a member of our support team. > > NOTE: DO NOT CHANGE THE SUBJECT OF THIS EMAIL IF YOU REPLY. > > Please do not create a new support request as this would generate a new > automated response. > > =============================================== TO WHICH I RESPONDED: Lesson 1 on customer support: If customer has a problem solve it, do not have the customer jump through additional hoops in an attempt to save yourself the trouble. Particularly appropriate this year as your product no longer available at Future Shop. In prior years purchased at Future Shop, activation code on CD, no problem downloading update and using. This year: fill out name and address info over again (you already have this and it is on my prior year registration), enter credit card details, your ordering system fails, request for help given run around. Question: Do I want to do this again next year ? Please deal with my situation NOW. A free year would be an appropriate customer satisfaction response to this screw up. MY LATER THOUGHTS: This might have been caused by my cookie settings. I use IE 10 (Windows 8 Pro Desktop) with privacy set to High and started in Private Browsing mode. If it was this, then this is still UFile's fault as they should have tested the cookie settings before asking for credit card details and advised me of their requirements so I could change my defaults temporarily for this one transaction. It is not up to me to run my computer in an insecure way to conform with UFile if they do not specify their requirements. I am now in the position that I cannot re-order to get the activation code as doing so means I may be billed twice and there is no method of discussing the situation with UFile. Very unsatisfactory. I have used UFile for many years and been happy. If this is not resolved to my satisfaction very shortly I will be looking elsewhere for tax software for 2012 and later.
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