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Found 19 results

  1. In the Employment Expenses part there is a field "Employment income use for the calculation of work-in-the-home expenses" What is it exactly? Should I put my income as it is reported in T4 there?
  2. Hi, I just joined! I would like to know how to go about entering 2 different home based businesses and also how do I split up deductions such as office space, phone, etc.
  3. In 2015 I was employed as a commissioned sales person working out of my house. I easily claimed vehicle expenses and home office expenses for 2015 with UFILE. I was employed as a commissioned sales person in 2016 as well up until May of 2016, at which time I became a self employed sales person on commission. I need to claim vehicle expenses and home office expenses both as an employee and as a self employed sales person for 2016. Splitting the home office expenses between the two from January to May, and from May to December is pretty straight forward I think. The motor vehicle expense has me a little confused though. UFILE has calculated the opening balance of the undepreciated capital cost for 2016 automatically, which is fine. I can accept that in the section for my employed term up until May 2016, and enter the vehicle expenses between January and May 2016 there too. The question is: What is the right way to enter the vehicle expenses, including the undepreciated capital cost and/or adjusted cost base in the self employed section for May to December? Are there any other issues I need to be aware of? Any guidance is appreciated.
  4. When UFile self populated the values from my 2015 tax return, it gave an RRSP contribution limit of approximately $6500. When I look at line A of my 2015 assessment it says I have $69,000 worth of contribution allowed. How could these numbers be so different? Using UFile's numbers means I owe taxes and using CRA's numbers means I get a refund.
  5. Hi, Other free online tax software I have used allow me, after entering Box 15,16 (total foreign dividends, tax withheld) for a US foreign non-business income T5, to deduct the difference between: a) the US dividend tax withheld, subtracted by b) my Federal foreign tax credit, as a 'Foreign Tax Deduction under subsection 20(12)' That difference should appear as a deduction in my T1 Line 232 as "Other deductions". example: - T5 (Box15: 100.00 total foreign income, Box16: 15.00 foreign income deducted) - a foreign tax credit calculated in UFile Online of say for example, $2.50 15.00 - 2.50 = 12.50 (Line 232) - "Other deductions" I have added my UFile Online box amounts with a 'Interview > Interest, Investment income' T5 input form, but this deduction described did not occur. Instead the entire foreign tax withheld, was used for Line 1 of T2209 calculation of the foreign tax credit. So, my questions: 1) In UFile Online, if my deduction was eligible, what is the workflow to enable this 'Foreign Tax Deduction under subsection 20(12)' so it appears as 'Other deductions' in my Line 232 on my T1 ? And also so T2209 Line 1 'Non-business income tax payed to a foreign country', is adjusted accordingly? 2) I noticed in my own UFile Online "Foreign Income Diagnostics" schedule table for my T2209, this Note(1): "US Taxes withheld on US Interest income above 10% but lower than or equal to 15% are not eligible for 20(11) or 20(12) deductions. You may claim a 20(11) and/or 20(12) deductions for foreign taxes paid above 15%". I don't see any references to a 20(12) restriction in CRA's Folio? http://www.cra-arc.gc.ca/tx/tchncl/ncmtx/fls/s5/f2/s5-f2-c1-eng.html I posted the questions in the general forum here as there appeared no category in UFile Online, and this is more a UI application and content question, than a deductions question. I'm also going to check with CRA regarding 2) next week. Thanks to anyone who answers.
  6. Hi, I am a salaried employee but make a commission based on how many clients I bring in. Therefore, I do a sufficient amount of business development. Having just started, I have not made a commission yet, but I have incurred expenses for client development. Where can I deduct these expenses on UFile? I thought it would be under the employment expenses section, however I seem to have to know my employer's GST number and maybe even have them sign a form, I do not think this sounds right. I must be wrong. also, is there a way to deduct my phone expenses if I use it for work but am not reimbursed by my company? If so, how do I do that? Thank you!!
  7. Has anyone applied for a grant and had to claim it on their tax return? I need help finding the place to enter the expenses which said grant was used to cover.
  8. Hello, My husband purchased a new MacBook, monitor and external hard drive in 2015 in the hope of earning income as a freelancer / self-employed independent contractor. He also as a full-time position which he received a T4. The use of the MacBook, monitor and external hard drive is in no way connected to his full-time position. He did not secure any freelance work in 2016 and therefore has $0.00 in income. Can he claim the MacBook, monitor and external hard drive as an employement expense or through some other type of deduction? Thanks. PF
  9. Sylina

    TTC Official Receipt

    Hi, Where do input My TTC Tax credit for 2014. thanks
  10. tax-payer

    ToastMasters fees

    I'm a member of ToastMasters International (http://www.toastmasters.org/). It is a non profit organization that helps people to develop leadership and public speaking skills. Can I report the fees I paid on the my income tax return? If yes, where?
  11. I'm having trouble understanding what to include for expense deductions. Here's some rough numbers for an example: Self-employment income: $1000 Home office expenses: $2000 (chose 70% as portion of PERSONAL use for electricity, phone, rent, etc. so the true calculated amount by UFile should be $600 for the deductible amount) Business expenses: $975 (such as supplies, advertising, professional dues, etc) CCA items: $2300 (such as computer equipment & software, photography equipment and tools) My deductions far outweigh my income, so should I not include some of the Business Expense or CCA items and save them for next year? The program calculated a negative net income for self-employment, is that allowed? I've read you can't use deductions/CCA to create a loss? To make things even more complicated... I also work as an employee, with a home office 50% of the time. (So I'm claiming Home-office expenses for this as well with T2200 form). But maybe my negative self-employment income is OK because I still have a positive overall net income? Thanks in advance
  12. DevDye

    Tuition Deductions

    Hello, So my taxes are relatively simple as I am a student. However, I am having issues on Ufile when submitting my tuition. Before I insert my tuition amount from my T2202A, my refund comes in under $1,500... after the tuition is submitted, the refund comes in at under $400. Is there a reason for this? It seems a bit backwards. Thanks for your help.
  13. This is my first time claiming Home Office expenses as a new, salaried 100% Home Office worker in 2013. On the Home Office Expenses form, I can't claim Property Taxes but what does the "Taxes" line represent (under the Water line) ? Also, I have sent in my T2200E form to my work to be signed, and curious about question #7. Do we have to identify all of the expenses (which we claimed within Ufile) on the T2200 form ? For reference http://www.cra-arc.gc.ca/E/pbg/tf/t2200/ Thanks, Bob
  14. Hello, I was a remote employee in the 2011 and 2012 tax years. My employer paid for my cell phone and some office supplies but speaking to my accountant I found out that I was allowed to deduct more: - utilities - condo maintenance fees - internet - mortgage principal (but not home insurance, property tax nor mortgage interest) I found the home office expense form in ufile, so I know that all of this will have to be entered in there. However, my question is: - do I enter the cost for the entire year or only part of the year (if I didn't work remotely the entire year) given that ufile does ask the timeframe you worked remotely, I am not sure if it is smart to prorate on its own? - do I do the math for the % of the house I used as an office, or does ufile use the % field at the top of form to calculate on its own? - where does the mortgage principal amount go, I only see an office rent section. Would this go under 'other home office expense - specify' section? I think I made a mistake on my 2011 calculations. What do I need to do to resubmit? Make the changes to ufile 2011, reprint and resend? Or is there a particular form I need to attach? Or am I better off just to carry over the missed amounts into 2012? thanks everyone. jkv.bkv
  15. Hi there, Does anyone know where to go in the Ufile system to record amounts paid to an independent subcontractor? I am *not* involved in construction. Thanks.
  16. My friend is entitled to the Clergy Residence Deduction for his job. He has a form T1223 filled in, as required by the CRA. Problem: He moved in July. The address on the T1223 form applies to 5 months out of 12. Can he claim Clergy Residence for the whole year, even though the form only names his current residence? Harder question: Would that come back to bite him in an audit? or Should he have two T1223 forms filled in for the year he moved? He is otherwise entitled to the Clergy Residence Deduction for the whole year. (His job never changed.)
  17. Hi, I am getting the error message "The amount entered for transfer of tuition and education expenses was reduced to the maximum amount allowable" My situation is as follows: 1. I have enough tuition carried forward to cover my income tax both federally and provincially, as does my wife (she does not even need to use any current 2012 tuition credits to reduce her income tax). 2. I would like to transfer credits from her now as the benefits of carrying forward more credits under my name is more than her keeping her credits (I have higher future income potential so will need the deductions more in the future). 3. I have selected: transfer credits to spouse under her return. I have also tried entering anything from $1 to $5000 for the amount to transfer from her to me. 4. Her schedule 11, line 23 says maximal transferable = $5000, but this does not seem to carry forward to line 24. 5. She is able to transfer the full $5000 in provincial credits, but it does not seem to let me for federal credits. I really would like to figure out what the problem is, as I see no restrictions as to why she can't transfer her federal credits, even though she can transfer her provincial credits to me. Thanks for your help!
  18. Hi, I have two rental properties and I am aware of the deductions such as mileage, utilities, interest, etc... that I can claim, but I was wondering what other expenses can I deduct? Mind you I don't have a home office but am I able to claim things like a portion of my cell phone bill, since all of my communication with my tenants is done via this phone or through email. If so how do I calculate the percentage I can claim? Thanks!
  19. Where in my return do I submit my deductions for medical insurance premiums paid?
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