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Found 10 results

  1. Greetings, I'm resurrecting an old thread from three years ago that still hasn't been addressed. What's the best way to transition dependants who have left home? Is there a carry-forward summary sheet I can use when I have to manually create a new return using all of my son's previous tax information? An option to create a new independent return when removing a dependant would be sweet and is actually expected from even semi-sophisticated software. I can't believe this was asked for three years ago and there's nary a hint of this functionality in your software. It's almost as if UFile assumes once a dependant, always a dependant. It reminds me of the "import" function UFile had about 5 years ago that took you through opening your old software and manually copying/pasting different values into the new software. I wouldn't be surprised if this wasn't still the case. Dan
  2. Going around in circles here.... Where do I enter child care expenses for a dependant? I've created a dependant and I can see their tab. No where on there does the Child Care option show up. I went back to the Interview Setup and don't see anything there, either. The only way I can get anything child care related is to choose the Child Care (Special cases) option under my Interview Setup, but it's not a special case, it's just regular child care costs.
  3. In 2017, there is no option of Married under the marital status in dependant identification. Please advise how to include my parents who are living with me as the dependant and still married.
  4. Jabbour26

    child tax benefit

    Hello. I went overseas to marry. Got wife pregnant. Wife and child finally accepted in Canada 3 months ago. I forgot to add child onto 2016 tax return. should I make change to add child or wait for 2017 tax return. Does child tax benefit owe me months on child tax benefit when daughter was born outside of country?
  5. Hi...I entered all of my information and my daughter's only to continue to receive a message saying "i indicated the child had no income, however there was data entered saying she did" The fix is to uncheck the "i had income" box or remove the data. After trying about 10 times to uncheck the box (not visible anywhere) and going through everything on both files, I decided to delete hers and start from scratch. Thank god she's only 12 so not much info to replace. Now that her file is deleted, I did the dependent ID, interview and controls again and stopped. Went to check out the review tab and guess what....THE ERROR IS STILL THERE even though no receipts were entered. I need help please!!! I've been using ufile for years and never had an issue. Can someone tell me what is wrong.
  6. blindhand

    Childrens T4A (P)

    This year each of my children (ages 13 and 16 years) received a T4A (P) in their name. I am guessing this is because of their Child Disability Benefit since both parents are alive. My question is, where do I input that information and under whose name? Is it under that parents name or the child's name?
  7. I deleted my depended member by mistake doing my 2014 tax. When I recreate him, I could not set his status as married. I would like to start year from scratch. How can I restore my last year information? Or set dependant status as married? I'm using on line version.
  8. My Daughter is in her first year of university. She has a part time job but didn't make a lot of money. She's living at home. Does she need to file her own tax return or do I include her as a dependant under mine?
  9. I have entered all 3 family members...spouses and dependant who qualifies for caregiver amount. The dependant does not have any income. I have followed the instructions provided by UFile and the amount still does not show up. I downloaded an update today...could that be part of the problem? This dependant is also eligible for the Child Fitness Credit of $1,000 because of a disability. I'm unable to get that form to show either. Help anyone?
  10. bunsik

    T4 for dependants

    I was just wondering why both my sons' "Employment income and employment insurance benefits (T4, T4E/RL-6)" box does not appear the "Quikclik Interview Setup" section even though I had check that they had a source of income (from their part time jobs). Thanks in advance!
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