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Found 12 results

  1. I am trying to file, and in the review it says that "need to complete the fields to confirm your identity" about my two dependents. I have used the program for a number of years, my dependents were already in the system, I did not change anything about their identity from last year, they did not make any income. I can not figure out what needs to be filled in. In the "Interview" under "Dependent ID" I have filled in the following fields: First Name, Last Name, Relationship, Date of Birth, as well as the province, marital status, and income.
  2. Hi I have a 7-year old son, and he was always shown as my dependent in all the years when I use Ufile for tax filing. but in 2017 tax return, I am missing amount for line 305 “amount for an eligible dependent”, and there is also no schedule 5 generated like previous years. Under “control” panel, I already selected “yes” to “pls confirm your dependent’s income is Nil”. can anyone help? This never happened before. Thanks.
  3. Is there any way to claim spouse as a depenent? all the childcare tax credits are being applied to him, but his net income was under the minimum amount (6k for the year) so I want to claim him as a depenent but there doesn't seem to be a way to do that
  4. I want to add my mother-in-law as dependent but couldn't find "month-in-law" option under relationship dropdown box. Is it a bug? On CRA website, it allows to add spouse's parents as dependent. http://www.cra-arc.gc.ca/tx/ndvdls/tpcs/ncm-tx/rtrn/cmpltng/ddctns/lns300-350/315/menu-eng.html Thanks,
  5. For some reason, UFile Windows is giving me a warning that I cannot Netfile my 7-year-old's Federal Return because: "A response indicating whether you are a Canadian citizen is required." Of course he has no income and he is the 2nd of two dependent children. This error does not appear for my older child who is also a dependent. I did a search and found some fixes regarding this issue dating back from 2013. Is this really a long-standing bug that UFile has not corrected? I have tried the proposed fixes which include: (1) Changing the dependent's date of birth to enable the CRA menu which allows you to classify an adult as a Canadian citizen. Then changing it back.; and (2) Changing the "Show the marginal tax rate calculation?" option in the Controls menu page for the dependent to "Select" or "No". Both methods failed and do not work on UFile 2015 for Windows. Seeing as I don't plan to file a return for him anyway, I suppose this point is moot, but there really should be a fix for this after three years! I original moved to UFile because it gave better value and a superior product, but I'm very disappointed in this year's software as this is the second bug which I've had to fix on my own with no help from UFile.
  6. Glen

    Children grown up

    I have been using UFile for a number of years. I have filed returns for my young adults as part of the family. Now, however, some of them are no longer dependents. Is there a way to move their history in UFile over to a different 'family' so that they do not show in my main one? I will likely continue to do their taxes with their help, so would prefer to keep it all under my existing login account. Is this possible?
  7. Hello, Can you please advise how to go about this if I need to claim my parent as a dependent? I send in some money to her every month but she lives outside the country. would it be eligible to still claim the amount sending to her every month as a deduction? Please advise how to do this in ufile 2014. Thanks,
  8. http://www.cra-arc.gc.ca/E/pub/tg/5000-g/5000-g-04-13e.html#fnrtc As per the link in the CRA website: "Amounts for non-resident dependants You may be able to claim an amount for certain dependants who live outside Canada if they depended on you for support. If the dependants already have enough income or assistance for a reasonable standard of living in the country in which they live, we do not consider them to depend on you for support. Also, we do not consider gifts you send them to be support. Supporting documents - If you are filing electronically, keep all your documents (proof of your payment of support) in case we ask to see them at a later date. If you are filing a paper return, attach your documents. Proof of payment must show your name, the amount and the date of the payment, and the dependant's name and address. If you sent the funds to a guardian, the guardian's name and address must also show on the proof of payment." I have a child living outside of Canada that I am supporting, where can I put that in my return. I'm confused....
  9. I have only realized after entering ALL the information for my and my spouse's tax files that I need to switch our Family designations. I'm currently the "Family Head" and he is listed as my "Dependant", but I need to switch this around. Is there a way? I thought of downloading our .tax and PDF files as completed so far, and was wondering if I could later upload them, instead of manually entering all the info again. If I'm the only one with an account, would we have to create a new one under his name and then add me as a dependant? Would my previous years files be recognized? Or if I delete him and then add a family member again, I might be able to choose the appropriate designation for him?
  10. Dependent children eventually no longer qualify to be a Dependent. Currently, to transition a Dependent over to their own Income Tax Return, you have to Manually delete that Dependent, then set up that individual's own new Return and Manually enter any data that is carry forwarded from the previous year's return. In the future, when you select the option to carry-forward information from previous years, the Ufile program should have an auto pop-up (based on age of dependent on file) asking if you want to keep this person as a Dependent or if you would like to instead remove them as a Dependent and setup as its own unique Return no longer linked to the other family members. If you select the option to set them up separately, then the program should carry-forward their past information similar to how it does now. Given the large number of subscribers that have dependents, and that almost all dependents eventually stop being a dependent and have to have their own unique Return, I think this would be seen as a large Value-Add and drive further loyalty amongst your subscriber base, and help differentiate you from others...and would presumably be easy to program.
  11. I used UFile to prepare my 2011 taxes for me and my girlfriend. We are common law partners now and would like to fill out a single return. Is it possible to merge 2 separate 2011 files into a single return file for this year (we had some unused tax credits for last year)? What would be the best way to do it? Thanks in advance, Tim
  12. My step-son is no longer a dependent, (moved out, bought a house, got married), although I still prepare his tax returns. His information from last year is as a dependent in a .u11 file with his mother identified as the Family Head. Is there a way to carry forward his information in a new .u12 file with him as the Family Head? It seems impossible to simply carry forward the old .u11 file, since UFile doesn't allow you to change the Family Head. Thanks in advance, Greg Walker
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