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Found 4 results

  1. I am trying to properly enter the details and expenses for my children's fitness expenses. THe first line asks: "Eligible fitness and recreational expenses for this dependant" with two fields beside it. What am I to put in these two fields? Skating (and location) ? Sport + Amount? Do, I just list each and every activity type? And is the "Enter the amount to claim" to be a grand total of all activities being reported? And finally, what is the maple leaf button for? How is it different from the +/- buttons beside it?
  2. Hi, I really need some help. This is my first time using UFILE, I have used Turbo Tax in the past. I am finding I am stuck on my rental expenses for our rental property. There are 4 of us that split the majority of the expenses, but there are also expenses we incur individually that do not apply to the others. Where can I record and deduct these? It's been pretty easy to use except this. I was hoping to file Monday. Thanks for your help. Sue
  3. I'm having trouble understanding what to include for expense deductions. Here's some rough numbers for an example: Self-employment income: $1000 Home office expenses: $2000 (chose 70% as portion of PERSONAL use for electricity, phone, rent, etc. so the true calculated amount by UFile should be $600 for the deductible amount) Business expenses: $975 (such as supplies, advertising, professional dues, etc) CCA items: $2300 (such as computer equipment & software, photography equipment and tools) My deductions far outweigh my income, so should I not include some of the Business Expense or CCA items and save them for next year? The program calculated a negative net income for self-employment, is that allowed? I've read you can't use deductions/CCA to create a loss? To make things even more complicated... I also work as an employee, with a home office 50% of the time. (So I'm claiming Home-office expenses for this as well with T2200 form). But maybe my negative self-employment income is OK because I still have a positive overall net income? Thanks in advance
  4. Hello, I've started in 2013 a small home cleaning business and my question applies to motor vehicle expenses using ufile online and the three options: Purchased Motor vehicle. Leased passenger vehicle. Leased vehicle other than (a) passenger vehicle. The problem with these options is that I neither of them seem to apply. I use a personal vehicle in which I fully own and the only costs are likely associated with fuel and maintenance of going to the two homes I clean for. With that considered what do I need to do in order to apply these deductions ? I'll be forthright in that I only made 2800$ for the year in cleaning and $25000 in total income but I owe slightly over 1225$ in taxes ($101 is what I owe without this job) when I apply the $2800. It's quite discouraging so I'm trying to find and take advantage of any deduction that might be available to me :-(
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