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Found 2 results

  1. We used last year's UFile record to kick start the 2015 return. That left me as the family-head, but now I'm a stay at home writer/soccer dad. My income is lower than the basic personal exemption so I selected 'claim the family tax cut in spouse' which seems to indicate, at least a little, that the spouse is going to be claiming the cut from her income. It seems to calculate on her return, but now we have errors demanding that she go to the family-head file and, under maxback-controls, confirm that my taxable income is nil. The 'click here' link takes her to her own file (not the family-head file) where she's already confirmed I have nil taxable income. The warning did say to make the changes to the family-head file even though the link took her to her own file, where she's already clicked yes. If I go to the family-head file and say yes to nil-income-spouse, the warnings don't go away, and then I'm claiming my spouse is nil-income which is incorrect. I'm wondering if this actually works for claim in spouse. If it's bugged, is there a way to change which one is the family-head file? Also, when we confirm in the FTC section of Sched 1-a that we have dependants, we get error messages because we havent declared uccb benefits. Do we just enter zero for that if we haven't recieved any?
  2. Hi, I've been using uFile Online for many years now. This year I'm planning to claim the Family Tax Credit (if it is put into force). I entered all my information into uFile and indicated I wanted to claim the Family Tax Credit. However, when I get to the results page, nothing shows up on Line 423 for the Family Tax Credit. I indicated I wanted to claim, but answered that my spouse's income was NOT nil for all 3 related questions. On her return, she indicated that her spouse (me) would claim the credit, and answered that my income was NOT nil for all 3 related questions. I downloaded Schedule 1A from CRA and manually calculated the value of the tax credit for my family and I should be eligible for an amount. However, uFile is not showing anything on Line 423. Am I missing something? Has this feature been implemented, or is uFile waiting until the Family Tax Credit is actually put into law before it does the calculations? Thanks
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