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Found 4 results

  1. Hello, in the controls section of my husbands return, we have selected let max back decide if we are eligible for the family tax cut. When I answer yes that we have a dependent 18 years and under, it's then forcing me to answer the 3 other questions. The questions are confusing though. My spouses income was not NIL? I can't file with these errors and need some guidance. It makes 512.00 difference on my return. If I select let max back decide, and keep all of the answers NO, then the errors just go away, but I lose 512.00.
  2. Does my spouse income have to be NIL to get this cut? I've let max back decide in controls whether we qualify, and answered yes, to dependent under 18 years of age, but I'm getting errors and can't file my return because of the warning. It's saying please check that spousal income is NIL. I made more than my spouse, but he is the "head of the home" according to the program. Help!
  3. I'm in BC, have tried entering in two different account for Ufile,, one with my self as the first person and wife as second, and then as my wife first and then myself under her. With both it give the same error about NetFile just with the opposite name " Tai Lachmund. You cannot currently NetFile your federal return. Please review the following reasons, and make corrections where possible. If an (*) appears at the end of an explanation below, it denotes a NetFile exclusion (i.e. your return cannot be transmitted). You have to confirm in the MaxBack controls page of the family head file that the spouse or common-law partner amount on line 498 of Schedule 1-A is NIL. Click You have to confirm in the MaxBack controls page of the family head file that the amounts transferred from your spouse or common-law partner on line 499 of Schedule 1-A is NIL I followed all the steps, have listed our son... not sure what i'm doing wrong. please help!
  4. I've nearly completed my 2014 taxes but have a question about one of the MaxBack controls regarding the Family Tax Cut. All of our information, income and deductions are entered into UFile Online, and I've paid to file our return. The last issue is that UFile says I cannot Netfile because: You have to confirm that the spouse or common-law partner amount on line 498 of Schedule 1-A is NIL. The question it wants answered is: If applicable, please select Yes to confirm that the spouse or common-law partner amount is NIL. (see your Schedule 1-A, line 498) I'm the primary earner, and my tax return's line 498 is not NIL, but my wife's is NIL. It seems to me that I must then answer NO to the above question. However I cannot Netfile when I do this. It seems that I still qualify for the Family Tax Cut, and it is applied to my tax return. Is this correct? Did I answer this correctly, and does this in fact prevent me from using Netfile?
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