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Found 3 results

  1. Hi, Just wondering if you can help me. Last year when I filed, my husband and I prepared separate returns. I thought unless indicated, filing together, still meant having to prepare 2 returns. Do I have to file twice? We have very basic returns and still want to file together. Thanks for your time
  2. I am wondering if there's a way to resubmit a return that's already been submitted and assessed? Case: We had two T4s come in late, after we had submitted our returns. The adjustments aren't overwhelming, but need to be done. I made the changes and inserted the T4s to the appropriate profile. The adjustments appear in the Federal Return that I have printed, but I wanted to submit it electronically since I've paid for that service. I'm not sure if I'm missing something or if this simply is not a feature available to UFile. If it's available via UFile, I would appreciate any guidance on how to do this update and submission. I did some research and the CRA site indicates that it's not a UFile feature, but I just need to be certain. Other options are submitting via paper (painfully slow). It seems to indicate I can do it (see below), I'm just not sure how. From CRA Site: Changes to your return Starting February 26th, 2018, the CRA is introducing the ReFILE service to give taxpayers the option of having an amended income tax and benefit return filed electronically. This service will let taxpayers use NETFILE to send amended returns for a current (2017) or previous (2016) return and will only be accepted through ReFILE if the original return was completed and sent electronically through NETFILE (or EFILE). But when I look at the products that offer the Refiling service, UFile doesn't appear to be one of them. Thanks in advance, The Houses
  3. jimfleck@telus.net


    In taxation years 2011 and earlier, I used UFile to file for my daughter. She was a dependent in those years. In 2012 she is no longer a dependent. Do I create a new file for her in UFILE or carry forward from 2010?
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