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Found 6 results

  1. Hello all, need some assistance please. I live in Canada but commute and work in the US everyday. How would I do this with this program? Does it make a difference if I made <$100,000 CAD or >$100,000 CAD? Thanks for the assistance.
  2. Canadian citizen, Canadian resident, Canadian taxpayer. I lived the first half of my life in Britain and earned a company pension, which I've now started to receive. They do not supply me with a convenient Canadian T## form, because they're a British company. I want to declare this income and pay the tax on it. What box should I put it in?
  3. Hi. I'm doing my mom's taxes in Ufile. She's a US resident and a Canadian citizen, turned 66 last year. Her Canadian income from CPP is $318, while her US income from Social Security and bank interest (bank gave her US$300 for merely opening an account) is CAN$13885.39... for a total World Income of CAN$14,203.39. She is paying monthly Medicare Part B premiums, monthly private supplemental insurance premiums, and monthly private prescription insurance premiums. These total CAN$4,004.93 for 2015. I entered these as 3 separate items into the Medical Expenses page of the interview but they won't show up in the T1 Comparative Summary under line 330 (it shows $0). I've tried different ways to enter it thinking it might be a format issue, started at "(Monthly x 12) desc"; then "(dd-mm-yyyy) desc"; "dd-mm-yyyy, desc"; "(dd-mm-yyyy), desc" but it still shows $0 under line 330, and still shows taxes owing of ~CAN$70. I don't know if it is a format issue, or if it's some ineligibility, or some kind of program bug. Anyway hoping for some guidance. Thanks in advance.
  4. I'm filing T3 foreign income for the first time, and am confused why uFile doesn't treat it the same as a T5 with foreign income. With the T5 you can enter the foreign exchange rate when you enter the slip, but not with the T3. It seems like such an obvious requirement that it makes me think I must be missing something :-( (I will be using the standard US$ annual 2014 exchange rate - 1.10446640) Thanks in advance for your insight.
  5. I've earned my total income working as independent contractor on the website platform oDesk (www.odesk.com). oDesk provides an online workplace where companies hire, manage and pay freelancers through a web-based platform. The company is located in the United States States and payments are made in USD$. How should I record my earnings in my tax return? Thanks!
  6. Hello, I am declaring self-employment income earned in the United Stated. I have used the "Foreign Income - Professional" form in the interview set-up, in addition to completing a T2125 - Professional Income in the Self-Employment Income section. At the top of the Information "Foreign Income - Professional" form in the interview, there is a box that states: "Information entered here is added to your income, and is also used by the program to calculate: - the deduction pursuant to subsection 20(11) - federal foreign tax credits (T2209) - one per country - the overseas employment tax credit (T626) (if relevant) - provincial foreign tax credits" However, in my results, the following warning appears: "The federal surtax calculated on line 10 of form T2203 for income earned outside Canada must be entered on the foreign business income form." When I go to my tax return, the program does not appear to have generated a T2203 form, so I am not sure how or from where to get this number (the federal surtax on line 10)? Any advice appreciated! JEL
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