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Found 5 results

  1. Hi, I filed my taxes with a spouse for 2016 and 2015. We spilt up and I want to ensure that our accounts are no longer linked, and would like to remove her from my interview section for 2017. Is this possible? Do I just need to say that I am not claiming the spousal amount (line 303) in the controls tab? Thank you for your help.
  2. I received this message : A tax return was generated. However, the errors below prevent the transmission of your declaration scrolled down and saw this : You entered QPP contributions on a T4 but reported CPP pensionable earnings. I'm not sure what this means. i have contacted the Help and they have given me a couple of links but found them unrelated. I thought I would try here. I have gone through my online return and confirmed my numbers with the hard copies. Everything seems to be in order. The first time around, I used the CRA Auto Fill option. Could that be a contributing factor? Thank you for your time Z
  3. I've just spent days trying to fix an error and trying to find a phone number for help. I have paid for ufile for years and this is the first time I needed help and I didnt want to send an email with 5 screen shots. I really want to drop ufile. it is time for some phone support. Yes I have found by error..which the prompt to fix the error took me to the wrong page to fix..
  4. Hello Tax paying Canadians, Can some one answer me this dilemma? As Canadians, we pay more taxes and take on more debt than necessary. This is more like a behavior issue than being money wise and smart. UFile has only limited SKU. They should be selling 2 License Version for family and if you require additional licenses you can purchase it online additional “2 License” or “4 License” format. I have been a UFile member for the past 14 years. I have never questioned their sales strategy. It looks like I have been contributing to this problem. Last year (2016) I purchased “UFile 2015 for Windows” (2 Licenses Version) from “BestBuy” for $14.99. This year (2017) I wanted to purchase “UFile 2016 for Windows” and I only see 4 license versions in stores for $19.99 ~ $21.99. What happened to “2 License” version? Has this been discontinued? When I emailed support, they were not able to answer my question. So, I am reaching out to the community for answers. Regards, WhyMe
  5. Hi, I am having troubles finding the TP-1 form that I need to complete my tax return. I am currently getting my income through the SAAQ as I have been disabled for the past full year. I am from Quebec. Thank you very much for any assistance with this!
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