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Found 7 results

  1. MCLeBlanc

    Box 85

    I have an amount showing in box 85 on a T4 slip, which is an employee paid premium for private health services plans yet there is no place to input this on ufile. The medical page states not to input the amount there yet there is no room on the T4 page.
  2. ARe medical expenses for children born before year 2000 are eligible for 2017 tax year? Thanks
  3. I want to put in specific amounts for medical claims for a couple so that each person claims their own. Ufile automatically optimizes the claim and I realize why, but this couple want to claim their own. How do I override the medical deduction amount?
  4. On the Medical Expenses page at the bottom is a spot for Van adapted for Wheelchairs (20% of payments). I've called CRA, read everything I could online but I still can't get a definite answer to my questions. My friend is financing a used van that had already been converted to accommodate a wheel chair. CRA states you claim the lesser of $5000 or 20% of the amount paid for the van. Unlike UFile, it doesn't say 20% of the payments, just "20% of the amount paid for the van". I don't want to claim $5000 because she's financing it and hasn't paid $5000 into it yet. If I claim 20% of the monthly payment am I claiming just the portion that related to the adaptation? The full monthly payment? Does that amount include taxes? Also, if I'm claiming monthly, do I continue claiming the payments even after I surpass $5000 (Federal)? Since the provincial credit is $6620, how do I get around it if I should stop claiming payments at the $5000 Federal amount? Thanks in advance. Jody
  5. Hi, my wife has no income but at line 448 in the results, it shows up that she owes $200 for Health contributions. I can understand that amount for myself since i do have an earning, but why is it coming up for my wife. Is this a glitch in the system or perfectly alright..??
  6. Under the results tab for my tax return, it is listing medical expenses on line 330 when I didn't claim any. I've checked and rechecked to make sure there isn't a medical claim under the interview tab, but it is still showing with an amount that I did not enter on line 330. Is it supposed to be there, even though I had no medical expenses? If not, how do I fix it? Thanks!
  7. Where in my return do I submit my deductions for medical insurance premiums paid?
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