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Found 5 results

  1. I am trying to fill out my Online 2018 UFile and am having trouble completing the Motor Vehicle Expenses section. I understand there are some new additions to this section, so I need some clarify to make sure I don't fill it out incorrectly. Background: my vehicle was in a collision where insurance has written it off. I received a payment and needed to purchase a new vehicle. So I am filling out my expense and come across the following: 1. Interest expense you paid on money you borrowed to buy passenger vehicles - I presume that this means how much interest I have paid in the event that I had to borrow money (say from a bank) to purchase the new vehicle. Please confirm. 2. Allowance Received for motor vehicle expenses (excl. CCA & interest) - Is this allowance from work expense? 3. AAIP must be acquired after Nov. 20/18 and available for use before 2028 - I believe my "property" is my vehicle. How do I fill out the value? What does 'capital additions of AIIP' mean? 4. Vehicle disposed during the year: - If you disposed of the vehicle, enter the amount you received. - ACB of disposition - If it's sold, what is the ACB? (cost of vehicle sold + any expenses to sell it?) If it's written off, do I put $0 in this section? - Did you liquidate all assets in this class? - if it's written off, then yes? 5. Capital Cost Allowance deduction - where do I obtain this information?
  2. What's the difference between Business and Partner Expense when adding a vehicle in Motor Vehicle Expenses under Rental Income?
  3. I've seen this question asked before but I don't seem to be able to find a solid answer. I work at a community centre part-time and I receive a T4A each year. UFile wants me to enter this as a T2125 (Business/Professional Income). Since I drive to the rink I claim mileage. If in regard to fuel costs and insurance premiums etc., do I enter the full amount or just the percentage that I use for this work? For example, only 15% of my total driven kilometers is for this job, so do I enter 15% of my total fuel costs or will the program do that for me automatically? Thank you in advance.
  4. Hi, In previous years, UFile allows to indicate - "Km traveled for bus/work" and "Total km traveled" under Motor Vehicle Expenses. It is now nowhere to be found on my Ufile 2015. Where are they now... and is there something /somewhere else I can fill in this piece of information? Thank you. Agnes
  5. I just bought this vehicle last year for employment purposes. I already figured out the expenses part but don't know how to complete the cca part . Anyone please? I am using ufile for windows.
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