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Found 2 results

  1. Ufile is not letting my Netfile my 2016 return - I keep getting an error message that says the following (below). However, the NAICS code I entered (711218) is definitely correct. I have Netfiled with that code (through Ufile) for the previous 4 years. I even clicked on the link provided to make sure the NAICS code hadn't changed. I tried with several related codes, and it is rejecting all of them (711218, 711219, 711215, 711211, 713990). Please help! Rejected Your tax return has not been accepted by the Canada Revenue Agency. It contains errors that must be corrected. Please review the following error(s), make the necessary corrections, and try resubmitting your return. For forms or additional information, visit the Canada Revenue Agency website and the Corrections page on the NETFILE website. For further assistance, please contact us. Most Canadian income tax and benefit returns for 2017, and any balance owing amount, are due on April 30, 2018. https://apps.cra-arc.gc.ca/ebci/iesl/clicktotalk/ntr.action?RefNumber=12501e Error code(s):180002The first digit of the message number on the left identifies one of your financial statements. The industry code on this statement is not valid. To determine the appropriate industry code, refer to the Canada Revenue Agency's (CRA) publication dealing with the type of self-employed operation you are reporting (i.e., Guide T4002, Business and Professional Income; Guide T4003, Farming and Fishing Income; Guide RC4060, Farming Income and the AgriStability and AgriInvest Programs Guide; or Guide RC4408, Farming Income and the AgriStability and AgriInvest Programs Harmonized Guide). Please refer to your software and enter the appropriate industry code. A financial statement is one or more of the following forms: Form T776, Form T2125, Form T2042, Form T1163, Form T1273 and Form T2121.
  2. I've used Ufile for the last few years. In February, I bought the latest Windows version and started inputting my data. No issue. In early March, I had received the rest of my data and went to use the software, and was prompted on whether to allow the software to update and make changes to my computer. Whether I choose yes or no, the screen goes blank. I minimize it, wait, and then go back to that screen, and it is black. Just for that software, nothing else. So I put in a ticket March 13, asking if I could reload the software without being charged again for a license. Received ticket number confirmation # UB2466403 but three days later, no answer to my question. So I will ask again since there has been no response to my ticket: Can I remove and reload the software without being charged again? Not asking for anything other than a simple yes or no. If it's a No, then I'll find other tax software.
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