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Found 9 results

  1. When I indicate on the Identification section that my province of residence as of December 31, 2018 is non-resident then in my T4 I am not shown the option to enter an amount in RL-1 Box J. Even though I left the country mid-year I'm still eligible for the part of the year I was living in Canada. In the section for Information about your residence, at the question if your province or territory of residence changed in 2018, enter the date of the move, I did enter a date. But this date is not shown on the report. So my question is: How does this feature work for non-residents part of year only and where I enter the information about country of residence on December 31, 2018 and the date of departure from Canada?
  2. Good morning, I'm using UFile and this is my first year using it as a non-resident, living in the UK. I had capital gains from the disposition of mutual funds however under the Canada-UK tax treaty I'm not liable for Canadian taxes for these gains, the capital gains tax would be collected by the UK. On the CRA website [1] under "Taxable capital gains" it says: Do not report any gain or claim a loss from the disposition of taxable Canadian property if, under a tax treaty, any gain from the disposition of the property would be exempt from tax in Canada. If you have to file a return, attach a note stating you have not reported the gain or claimed the loss because of a tax treaty. However when I import my T5008 and Ufile calculates Schedule 3, it applied the taxes on line 127. How do I blank out line 127 as the CRA says to do above? I've told Ufile I'm non-resident however I can't seem to find any button to say something like "exempt capital gains under treaty" or a place to simply put 0 in line 127. Thanks! [1] http://www.cra-arc.gc.ca/E/pub/tg/t4058/t4058-e.html#P278_32137
  3. Hi. I'm doing tax returns for my mom and Ufile seems to be leaving blank the Federal non-refundable tax credits portion of Schedule 1. My mom is a 66-year old (born 12-07-1949, entered in the Identification portion of Interview) US resident Canadian Citizen and has a World Income of $14,203.39 ($318 from Canada + $13,885.39 from the US). UFile doesn't seem to be filing a Basic personal amount ($11,327) on line 300 nor the Age Amount ($7,033) on line 301. So her Total federal non-refundable tax credits end up being $0.00 on line 350. This is on top of none of her medical expenses ($4,004.93) showing up on line 330 (also blank). Is this because she is a non-resident? or is this some kind of program bug? Anyway, Ufile calculates her tax owing as being 15% of her $318 CPP which is $47.70, plus a surtax 48% ($22.90) of that amount for being a non-resident, for a total of is $70.60. Would appreciate any help on this matter. Thanks in advance!
  4. I'm filing a non-resident tax return, with employment income only in Ontario. I'm not exactly sure why, but rather than just use the Ontario tax form, UFile is using the multiple jurisdiction provincial form. The answer works out to be the same but it is a little strange and I don't know how to fix it. Any advice? I suspect this is happening because of the various options within UFile for province...on identification I said Non-Resident, but in address that wasn't an option so I had to put Outside of Canada. It gave me a warning on the review screen so I suspect that is it. FYI, I spent quite a bit of time on the phone with CRA to clarify how my taxes should be calculated and also set up my taxes with TurboTax. TurboTax was not calculating my taxes properly. UFile has the calculations right, and even identified CPP overpayment which I never would have thought of or looked at.
  5. My spouse is non-resident and has no SIN number. I was able to process her status as non-resident and generate her basic personal tax credit which was transferred to my return (her declared revenue is $0) for the federal return. I am unable to generate a Quebec return for her since her domicile is out of Canada and the system does not seem to process "non-resident" for Quebec. I therefore do not benefit from her basic personal exemption on the Quebec return but only on the federal return. I would appreciate any guidance on how to generate a provincial return for my spouse given these conditions. Thanks
  6. http://www.cra-arc.gc.ca/E/pub/tg/5000-g/5000-g-04-13e.html#fnrtc As per the link in the CRA website: "Amounts for non-resident dependants You may be able to claim an amount for certain dependants who live outside Canada if they depended on you for support. If the dependants already have enough income or assistance for a reasonable standard of living in the country in which they live, we do not consider them to depend on you for support. Also, we do not consider gifts you send them to be support. Supporting documents - If you are filing electronically, keep all your documents (proof of your payment of support) in case we ask to see them at a later date. If you are filing a paper return, attach your documents. Proof of payment must show your name, the amount and the date of the payment, and the dependant's name and address. If you sent the funds to a guardian, the guardian's name and address must also show on the proof of payment." I have a child living outside of Canada that I am supporting, where can I put that in my return. I'm confused....
  7. Hope someone can help me with this situation. My daughter lives and works in the UK. She comes home twice a year and during this time in Canada she works on a casual basis at a hospital. She therefore has Canadian employment income but the bulk of her world income (83%) comes from the UK. I used U-file to do her 2013 taxes and got a different assessment than I expected. Her NRTC were pro-rated (as I expected), except that the program didn't pro-rate her Canada Employment Credit. More significantly, the program didn't calculate ANY provincial tax due (only federal). I set her province of residence as "non-resident", and her mailing address as a "care of" in Alberta. Her "residency status" is set as non-resident and I filled in Canadian source and foreign source income and noted the UK as her country of residence on the "emigrant" form under "immigrant, emigrant, non-resident". It would seem logical that she should need to pay provincial tax as well as federal tax so I don't have a problem with that - just am confused as to what I did wrong (if indeed I did something wrong) so that U-file didn't calculate the tax correctly. Any ideas??
  8. Hi, I am filing as deemed non-resident. I withdraw my RRSP last year so it was set as income under line 129. Am I allowed to get the basic personal amount? I read from form 5013g-13e for non-resident that I can claim $11,038. But this is not showing in the Ufile. Thanks
  9. Hi, I am currently living in Canada on a post-graduate work permit. I got married in December 2012 back in India. However, my wife is still in India. When I added my marital status as "married", the software asked for details about my wife. It has several options in terms of income etc etc. What do I do? Is there a way to state married while still applying as single?
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