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Found 8 results

  1. As said, I paid, and it says so in as I select the 2019 file. Till earlier today it tagged me as PAID. As of this moment, that tag went away. My messages to the help facility go unanswered. I called the help line, and was on hold for an hour, at which time I gave up. It's not the only problem I have had this year. Is ufile.ca going downhill? Time to move elsewhere? Leo
  2. My credit card has been charged twice for my single corporation's T2 return. Please refund the second amount. Here's what happened: I entered all my corporation's tax info in the interview screens, no problems. I went to the "view full return" page, which directed me to the payment page. I entered my credit card details, clicked submit, and the website said "processing...." Then, the site went to an error page: "Oops, something went wrong...." My choices were "go back" or "login", so I went back - thinking that maybe I entered a wrong number in my credit card info, or something similar. I went back to the payment screen, and entered my credit card details for a second time. Once again, it said "processing...", then went to the same "Oops, something went wrong" error screen. This time, I went back to my tax info screens, and this time when I navigated to the "view full return" page, I could see my full return and had the option to file online - so it was obvious that a payment had gone through. I see on my credit card statement that I've been charged the full amount twice, in two separate transactions. I tried submitting a help request via the online form - I did this two days ago, from two different browsers. I haven't received any reply - not even the automated response that I'm supposed to get within 15 minutes. It's not in my junk email. Please refund the second charge. I would also like to have a receipt for the payment (the legitimate single payment that is valid). I can't find anywhere on the site where I can see my account payment history or download a receipt.
  3. How do I may for my ufile/netfile ahead of time? I am not ready to submit my taxes yet, but would like to make a payment today and save my interview for a later date. I have a coupon which expires today, so I would like to use it before it expires and prepay. I do not see any option to make payment. Please help! Thanks!
  4. After I entered the information and paid with credit card, I clicked the tab, "(4)Tax Return", to get the report. A window popped up asking me to confirm company name and business number. If I clicked the "Accept" button, the same window continue pop up. Or if I clicked the "Cancel" button, I got this error: Anyone know what happened?
  5. I know Netfile isn't open until Feb 26 so wonder if this is the reason payment using 5 different credit cards was declined. I will try it all again on Feb 26 when Netfile is open and hopefully it will work then. I did try asking the help line and got an email that didn't answer the question, but guided me here. Peter Toronto, Canada
  6. I am attempting to purchase a UFile online T2 return for a corporation, using internet explorer. I entered the payment information and clicked "Submit" on the payment page. I am shown a loading dialogue that says "Please wait while we validate your credit card." The payment never appears to succeed and the previously mentioned dialogue stays indefinitely. The attached screen shot shows the dialogue. I guess my question is, how can I successfully pay for a T2 return? Is there currently a known problem with payments?
  7. Shop Cart Issue - Not working April 30 11:50pm EDT Trying to complete my payment, after entering credit card and expire date, it says "validating your card" then says "Oops, something appears to have gone wrong" Tried in 3 different web browsers, same issue.
  8. I saw that a month prior there seemed to be issues in purchasing UFILE online When I input my card information and move on to pay I am getting that my card is declined. Upon investigating with the bank this information is untrue, there's more than enough space for this 20 dollar purchase... has this problem begun to reoccur or was it never fixed? I have tried both chrome and firefox.
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