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Found 4 results

  1. I have a technical problem. I have my NAICS code, and I want to input it. The problem is that the program will not let me enter any information. The cursor will rest in the box, but the line doesn't go yellow like the other lines do when data is to be entered, and when I try to type in my NAICS number, it doesn’t show in the box. (Pasting it in doesn't work either.) What can I do? I have used Ufile successfully for several years with no problems. I am using Firefox 59.0.2 and a Mac, OS Sierra 10.12.6 Any help would be very much appreciated! Em
  2. I am a long time, frustrated user of UFile. Ever since I replaced my Windows XP system for a Windows 7 64 bit OS system I started to have problems with automatic updates, application crashes when barcode page is displayed, can't netfile, etc... Each successive release got worse but I managed to get my taxes done none the less until last year (2014) when I couldn't get the application to work at all. I then tried to install it in Windows XP mode and all the features worked like a charm! This year, however, you placed yet another obstacle in my path due to end of support of XP! I optimistically decided to give it another whirl on my physical system. The application installed without errors but when I launch it I can only find a process in Task Manager; no application window appears. I was able to install it in a VM but I would rather use the physical machine since the VM is on a domain that could expose my private data to system admins; not to mention the hassle of having to start the VM any time I want to work on the tax files. My system is a Dell Precision Workstation T3500 with Xeon E5410 CPU, 8 GB RAM, 2 x 500 GB HDD with plenty of free space, Nvidia Quadro NVS 290, Windows 7 Enterprise x64 with Service Pack 1. I can't tell you how annoyed I am at the amount of time I have to spend each year to maneuver around your software's bugs. Tax time is stressful enough even with a working version of UFile but when you have to spend the better part of your day just to get the application to open, why do I keep this up?
  3. Hi there, I can't file my return electronically. When I click agree to terms and conditions and hit submit i get the following "underlying connection was closed: An unexpected error occurred on a send." Has anyone else experienced this? What is the issue? I paid for ufile and now I can't submit it. This is frustrating.
  4. I am having the following issues with ufile online. I never had these problem before and this is my 4th year submitting tax return using ufile. 1. In my rental property I added my partner and then clicked on add another partner by mistake. I deleted that one but every time I login to ufile, it comes back. And throws error saying partner information is missing (for that unwanted partner) 2. I added items with the + sign in deduction part of the rental property and then whenever I delete those items, they keep coming back after I move to another page or logout. Very frustrating. The workaround I have now, I put 0$ for those unwanted fields. Same thing happens at "Employment Expenses" 3. When I logout I get this error: Server Error in '/' Application.If it does not get solved I am switching to some other company.
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