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Found 6 results

  1. I am being asked for the Notice of Assessment Number from one of my two previous years in order to Netfile for Quebec. This is the first time I have earned income in Quebec (from another province) and my first return in that province. Is this Notice of Assessment Number from a Quebec document I have never seen before or is it something I should be able to find on a previous federal Notice of Assessment?
  2. I have used ufile online to do my taxes this year... everything is fine for my federal return... but i see nothing for my Quebec return....In the tax return tab... only my federal info shows up.....can anyone please explain to me what i may have missed? TY
  3. Hi all, I am trying to file a corporation CO-17 income tax return through Ufile T2 Online version. I called Revenu Quebec and they said I need a clicREVENU user ID and password which I should enter in my tax software to be able to electronically transmit the return. This is a 7 character ID. However, on the E-FILE section of U-FILE, it asks for a Quebec E-FILE number (A 6 character code) and a Web access code (6 characters as well). Revenu Quebec DOES NOT provide any of these for filing corporation tax return. On sending an email to U-File, they did send me an email telling me to get registered with clicRevenu. I replied them back saying i already have the clicRevenu code - but it is not what UFILE T2 online version is asking to be used! Where can I get the E-FILE number and the web access code to be used on that particular form on UFILE T2 ONLINE. Digging further, I found that in my personal income tax return that i electronically filed with Revenu Quebec for 2015 back in april, there is an 'EFILE' number there - so i used that and informed UFILE suport and asked them to help me figure out where can I get the 'web access code' because Revenu Quebec doesn't provide that!. So Far I HAVE SENT 6 EMAILS WITHOUT ANY SUCCESS!! THERE IS NO CONTACT NUMBER WHERE I CAN REACH THEM AND LET'S SEE IF SOMEONE FROM UFILE RESPONDS TO ME ON THIS FORUM!! I am done with UFILE; especially for the Quebec returns!!
  4. I completed my tax return and used the netfile to submit my tax returns. I was successful with my Federal tax return but when I used netfile for the Quebec return I go the following message. The request was aborted. Could not create SSL / TLS secure channel Of course I can't get any reply from "Ufile client service" so I am asking if anyone can help me with this issue. Thanks.
  5. Hello, I am using ufile for my 2015 taxes, as I have done for the last 6 years. This year, ufile generated my federal return, but it did not generate my Quebec return. I moved from Quebec to the USA on October 1, 2015. Prior to moving, I made approximately 10000 CAD while working n Quebec. How do I get ufile to generate my Quebec return?
  6. i need to for a value on my quebec return to be zero. Specifically line 448 to be zero. how can I do this?
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