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Found 5 results

  1. after filed electrically with confirmation last night, I realized I forgot to indicate non-capital loss from last year for the day after, can anyone advise how I can file again with non-capital loss? Thank you
  2. I have not report my 1st 60 days 2019 RRSP contribute in my 2018 tax return. I added a T1 adjustment in my 2019 ufile tax return and netfile 2019 tax return. After I netfile my 2019 tax return I follow the instruction in the link below trying to refile and efile my T1 adjustment form to CRA instead of mail it to them. http://community.ufile.ca/topic/8541-refile-2018/ after I follow all the steps which mention in the above link I have the CRA refile on the left side BUT on the right hand side the "CRA REFILE SURVEY QUESTION" block as showed in the instruction is missing. Any idea why and how can I refile and efile my T1 adjustment form to CRA. Thanks
  3. 1-Can I Refile 2017? Do I need to do it in the clients' UFile 2017? 2-I changed computers and have the UFile Pro 2017 on the other computer. What do I do? I have the UFile files saved in this computer, but not the program. Thankyou
  4. I filed a return today and then found a T4 that was hiding. Because I’ve already filed the return I’m not seeing anywhere to go to refile the amendment. Has anyone found a way to do this? Thanks.
  5. Tax14

    ReFile NETFILE

    I read on CRA website that since Feb 26, 2018, they are giving option to re NETFILE (they call it ReFILE). Well, my question is: after I have NETFILEd my 2017 return today, I discovered that I forgot to include something. Can I re NETFILE my return after making changes to my return? If yes, how does it work?
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