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Found 5 results

  1. I purchased a ufile online as a promotion in dec 2017 (special price) and I now have completed my income taxes through ufile and it is indicating uneligible to fill must print copies and send out , therefore, I woiuld like to request a refund back to my visa due to unable to use the service but I am finding it very difficult to contact ufile due to sent already a email request and no telephone number ia available to contact customer service or person ? can anyone help me !!!! PLEASE Lidia
  2. woody

    Refund held

    I am am owed a 2016 refund which was held by the CRA. They have suggested that I can enter the amount owing I’m in line 476 of my 2017 return. That doesn’t seem to work. Any suggestions?
  3. So I just plowed through the whole thing online and when I get to the page titled: "Refund or balance owing" there are no numbers on display. This seems odd. Did I do something wrong? Everything seemed to be fine up to this point. ----------- Seems I can't delete this post. Anyway, I found out through a convoluted manner how to find my amount owing/refund total. This website needs work! The page-down, page-up functions don't work at all. Neither do the up/down arrow keys. You need to use your mousewheel to scroll down through pages and pages. Correction: This website needs LOTS of work.
  4. DevDye

    Tuition Deductions

    Hello, So my taxes are relatively simple as I am a student. However, I am having issues on Ufile when submitting my tuition. Before I insert my tuition amount from my T2202A, my refund comes in under $1,500... after the tuition is submitted, the refund comes in at under $400. Is there a reason for this? It seems a bit backwards. Thanks for your help.
  5. I'm filing taxes for me and my husband and I have selected for him to transfer taxable dividends to spouse in QuikClik Navigator -> Controls. For federal taxes everything is ok, and his refund was transfered to my balance owing. For Quebec taxes he has a refund as well, but it was not transfered. So there is nothing in his TP1 line 476 (Refund transferred to your spouse), but lines 474 and 478 (Refund) has amounts. Can you explain me why? Thank you!
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