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Found 12 results

  1. Last year when I filed with UFILE, I forgot to report specific RRSP contributions from 2016. So I put a note to deal with them in my 2017 UFILE reporting but I am unclear where or how I would report those contributions?
  2. KMm


    I have a RSP receipt , it does not say RRSP it actually states: Royal Bank Registered Savings Plan Registered under the income tax act and subject thereto Is it still claimed under RRSP
  3. I received late a RRSP slip and I would like to include it in the declaration. I am already over my limit for the year so I won't get deduction from this contribution but I need to declare it so I can use it next year. I found how to make adjustment requests but it doesnt seem possible to amend anything related with RRSP. Am I not finding it or it's just not possible? Thanks for help
  4. I am getting a warning from Ufile that says "Your RRSP contribution exceeds your deduction limit". When I reduce the contribution my tax refund also goes down. So I am wondering what this warning means? How can I calculate the correct contribution to maximize my return?
  5. When UFile self populated the values from my 2015 tax return, it gave an RRSP contribution limit of approximately $6500. When I look at line A of my 2015 assessment it says I have $69,000 worth of contribution allowed. How could these numbers be so different? Using UFile's numbers means I owe taxes and using CRA's numbers means I get a refund.
  6. Hi all - been a long time UFile user (10 years). I have run into an issue this year and I'm not sure why. So, got hitched in 2016. My spouse contributed $10,500 to RRSP and we have a combined income of $125,000. Why are they only getting $1,500 back??? I don't understand. It should be in the magnitude of $3,500!! Please help - it's virtually impossible for us to see why with this software.
  7. RRSP repayment question: If my spouse took RRSP withdrawal under the HBP in 2015 to buy our house, can he designate the RRSP contributions that he made in 2015 as repayments under the HBP on our tax return this year? He has always been continually contributing to his RRSPs (set up through his work) so the contributions are there. We want to designate the repayments in this tax return. Is it possible? Note that we haven't received the HBP Repayment schedule from CRA yet. I heard that they will come later (not sure when) but that we can also repay back as soon as we want. So we choose to do it now during this tax return with the contributions he has made in 2015. Caregiver question: How do we claim a portion of the Caregiver Amount as my mother lived with me in 2015 for half the year. I would like to claim 50% of the amount. When I go to check "claim a portion of this amount", Ufile would ask me to put in the "amount of this portion" that I want to claim. For the sake of an analogy, would I put in $2300 if I want to claim half of it, say if the maximum amount that can be claimed is $4600? Lastly, if my spouse and I claim our return together, I would create myself as the Family Head and I would just add a spouse. This should generate two returns so that we each could netfile separately, correct? We will use the UFile Online version. So spouse only has to pay $10 additional for his return? Is this correct? I want to make sure that he doesnt have to create his own user name and password account with Ufile to file again for himself. Thanks in advance for any assistance!
  8. Has anyone come across the issue where RRSP Schedule p1 has entries for Spousal plan when there is no spouse on the tax file? I'm single so have no idea how those numbers came to be. Ufile seem to have taken my Line (B) number from my notice of assessment and entered it twice (once for me, and once for a spouse). I could not understand why I was getting an over contribution warning until I looked at the actual tax return forms and noticed this mysterious entry. I went back to my 2014 Ufile which I imported and there was no issue back then. Not sure how to correct that.
  9. Hi guys I'm seeing a bug in your software. I'm getting the error "A required field was left blank" with a link to the RRSP deduction limit field, but I have not left the field blank. I used the new CRA Auto-fill feature. If I start over and don't use Auto-fill, the problem doesn't occur. So basically you can't use Auto-fill. Too bad.
  10. where to enter the amount on Line 14 on Schedule 7 representing the amount of retirement allowance transfer ?
  11. where to enter the amoun on Line 14 on Schedule 7 representing the amount of retirement allowance transfer ?
  12. Hello, I have a problem with filling my tax forms this year and I would be thankful if some helps me here. I have to repay $1250 to my HBP and I contributed $2000 in January for repaying HBP. I understand that in filling my tax forms I need to include $2000 as the RRSP contribution and then designate $2000 as HBP repayment. But my RRSP deduction limit is zero (due to pension adjustment). I wonder if it is okay to contribute $2000 for zero RRSP deduction limit and then use this as HBP repayment. Thanks.
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