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Found 8 results

  1. Hello, My husband purchased a new MacBook, monitor and external hard drive in 2015 in the hope of earning income as a freelancer / self-employed independent contractor. He also as a full-time position which he received a T4. The use of the MacBook, monitor and external hard drive is in no way connected to his full-time position. He did not secure any freelance work in 2016 and therefore has $0.00 in income. Can he claim the MacBook, monitor and external hard drive as an employement expense or through some other type of deduction? Thanks. PF
  2. Hi there, My wife and I have been using UFile for the past couple of years and it has worked great! This past year, my wife was on maternity leave until September. She started to do work but not as a full time employee, but self-employed. She will be self-employed for this entire year coming up as well. When we get the next version of UFile and do our 2014 taxes, will the Self-Employment Business Income option automatically allow for all of her business expense calculations? Expenses such as: KMs travelled for business Office space Insurance Dues etc... This will be the first year where we will use UFile for this type of income reporting as in the past she has just hired an accountant to do all of this for her. We want to ensure htat UFile will allow for her to include everything she is entitled to expense because she is self-employed. Any help would be appreciated! Thank you, - Christian
  3. Hello, I am declaring self-employment income earned in the United Stated. I have used the "Foreign Income - Professional" form in the interview set-up, in addition to completing a T2125 - Professional Income in the Self-Employment Income section. At the top of the Information "Foreign Income - Professional" form in the interview, there is a box that states: "Information entered here is added to your income, and is also used by the program to calculate: - the deduction pursuant to subsection 20(11) - federal foreign tax credits (T2209) - one per country - the overseas employment tax credit (T626) (if relevant) - provincial foreign tax credits" However, in my results, the following warning appears: "The federal surtax calculated on line 10 of form T2203 for income earned outside Canada must be entered on the foreign business income form." When I go to my tax return, the program does not appear to have generated a T2203 form, so I am not sure how or from where to get this number (the federal surtax on line 10)? Any advice appreciated! JEL
  4. Some Clown


    If you stop being self-employed for a couple of years, because of full-time work for an employer, and then go back to self-employment, is it the first year of the business, again?
  5. Hello - I took on some small contracts to supplement EI this year so want to figure out how to report this income. The total earned is a measly 600$ but was appropriately declared to the EI folks, so need to close the cycle by including it in my tax return. Not really interested in claiming expenses but cannot figure out if this is considered Professional or business income (and what the difference between the two is). As it was mostly grant writing for non-profits and translation/revision work for a non-profit, the closest code I could find was for professional writers. Would that be the best code to use? Any guidance welcome!
  6. Hello, I've been using and loving ufile for years but I'm newly self employed and an unsure how to do my taxes now. I'd like to hire an accountant and UFile expert to meet with me on the phone and advise me how to do my taxes on Ufile. I've taken a shot at it but would love an expert to review it and see if there are some tax savings that I'm not taking advantage of. Any recommendations? Thank you!
  7. I tried to stop contributing to the CPP on the self-employment income in the "Controls" page. And I entered 01-01-2012. But I got "You entered a date to stop contributing to the CPP, but you do not qualify to do this electon" Why not? The program doesn't show me why am I not qualify. It only want me to remove the election. What could be causing this? Please help. Otto out!
  8. Hi I live in Quebec. I am sole proprietorship and the business address is in Ontario. I can't netfile federal return due to the following reason:"The province of your rental property or self-employment was not the same as your province of residence on December 31. 2012". So how to fix it? Thanks,
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