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Found 3 results

  1. I am attempting to file my parent's income tax returns. Neither of their incomes net or taxable is NIL. The program states that my father's return cannot be netfiled unless he confirms that the Federal and Income of his spouse are nil. To correct the problem the program brings me to a page that states, I delcare Net Income of spouse to be nil. choices are Yes or No. I have input NO to both and it does not correct the problem. I am reluctant to check the boxes as Yes, because the income is NOT nil. How do I correct the problem and still file an truthful return?
  2. when I put zero net income for my spouse , it does not show up in the final tax return. the T1 general, page 1 shows empty value. and according to CRA we should report the value even it is zero.
  3. When I enter zero net income for my wife and check the output T1 pdf it displays empty in "Enter his or her net income for 2014 to claim certain credits:" section. is it ok? why it does not write zero?
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