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Found 7 results

  1. Hi, Just wondering if you can help me. Last year when I filed, my husband and I prepared separate returns. I thought unless indicated, filing together, still meant having to prepare 2 returns. Do I have to file twice? We have very basic returns and still want to file together. Thanks for your time
  2. Wondering if you can help...My ODSP income (T5007), shows up under my husband's column in the Review portion. My husband has a job, but his T4 has a lower amount than my T5007. Why does it keep falling under his column, and why do I have to report "No Income", in order for me to be able to file federally? I'd really appreciate your help, Thanks
  3. I am attempting to file my parent's income tax returns. Neither of their incomes, net or taxable, is NIL. The program states that my father's return cannot be netfiled unless he confirms that the Net and Taxable Incomes of his spouse are nil. To correct the problem the program brings me to a page that states, I declare Net Income of spouse to be nil. Choices are Yes or No. I have input NO to both and it does not correct the problem. I am reluctant to check the boxes as Yes, because the income is NOT nil. How do I correct the problem and still file an truthful return?
  4. man0036


    When purchased, believe I could file my spouse and my tax returns. Mine works fine but when I attempt spouse (Dependant) UFile requests additional monies? Does anyone else have this issue or do I need to contact UFile to clarify what I thought I purchased from UFile online. The transaction has been approved. Print this receipt for your record Item(s) Qty Price Subtotal UFile ONLINE - Personal income tax (T1) return 2017 - Family head + 2 Dependants 1 14.95 14.95 GST 0.75 QST 1.49 Total in Canadian funds 17.19
  5. Is there any way to claim spouse as a depenent? all the childcare tax credits are being applied to him, but his net income was under the minimum amount (6k for the year) so I want to claim him as a depenent but there doesn't seem to be a way to do that
  6. Hello, Me and my wife got married in September 2015, but decided to file taxes separately. However, the system doesn't allow me to continue unless I enter my wife's information in my return: Is this strictly necessary? Thanks.
  7. My partner and I have been in a common law relationship as of January 11, 2015. I am the head of the family and she is identified as the spouse. She only made $8080.00 but there is no Schedule 5 and nothing entered on line 303 automatically. Someone please help Thanks, Dan
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