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Found 22 results

  1. Hi, Just wondering if you can help me. Last year when I filed, my husband and I prepared separate returns. I thought unless indicated, filing together, still meant having to prepare 2 returns. Do I have to file twice? We have very basic returns and still want to file together. Thanks for your time
  2. I am filling returns for me and for my wife (NIL income) together. No matter what combination of choices I make in control, I only get line 6010 of Schedule 14 filled with $154. Line 6011 is blank, so I am not getting the $77 I should get for my wife. I tried the combinations with Yes for me, No for her, Let MaxBack decide in one or both places... The CRA question is properly set with CMA - Toronto for both. How can I convince UFile to fill in line 6011?
  3. I am attempting to file my parent's income tax returns. Neither of their incomes, net or taxable, is NIL. The program states that my father's return cannot be netfiled unless he confirms that the Net and Taxable Incomes of his spouse are nil. To correct the problem the program brings me to a page that states, I declare Net Income of spouse to be nil. Choices are Yes or No. I have input NO to both and it does not correct the problem. I am reluctant to check the boxes as Yes, because the income is NOT nil. How do I correct the problem and still file an truthful return?
  4. I am trying to make changes to my husband's T2125 by changing the percentage owned by spouse. Whenever I change the percentage however, the tax return for spouse does not change (the net business income on his review page stays the same). My tax return net business income does change though. I do seem to remember getting a question earlier on about verifying his DOB and SIN number before being able to view his return (did that cause the return to be 'fixed' and unable to be changed?) Is there something I am missing? Thank you!
  5. Wondering if you can help...My ODSP income (T5007), shows up under my husband's column in the Review portion. My husband has a job, but his T4 has a lower amount than my T5007. Why does it keep falling under his column, and why do I have to report "No Income", in order for me to be able to file federally? I'd really appreciate your help, Thanks
  6. man0036


    When purchased, believe I could file my spouse and my tax returns. Mine works fine but when I attempt spouse (Dependant) UFile requests additional monies? Does anyone else have this issue or do I need to contact UFile to clarify what I thought I purchased from UFile online. The transaction has been approved. Print this receipt for your record Item(s) Qty Price Subtotal UFile ONLINE - Personal income tax (T1) return 2017 - Family head + 2 Dependants 1 14.95 14.95 GST 0.75 QST 1.49 Total in Canadian funds 17.19
  7. Is there any way to claim spouse as a depenent? all the childcare tax credits are being applied to him, but his net income was under the minimum amount (6k for the year) so I want to claim him as a depenent but there doesn't seem to be a way to do that
  8. Hello, Me and my wife got married in September 2015, but decided to file taxes separately. However, the system doesn't allow me to continue unless I enter my wife's information in my return: Is this strictly necessary? Thanks.
  9. My partner and I have been in a common law relationship as of January 11, 2015. I am the head of the family and she is identified as the spouse. She only made $8080.00 but there is no Schedule 5 and nothing entered on line 303 automatically. Someone please help Thanks, Dan
  10. The question SPOUSE NOT PROCESSED AS AN IMMIGRANT? is worded in the negative. In English, negative questions are problematic because it can be unclear what a yes or no answer actually means. Techically, in English, if I answer Yes, it means that I agree that my spouse was NOT processed as an immigrant. But what does it mean to Ufile? The actual Canada Revenue Tax form does not ask this question at all. So: My spouse was not processed as an immigrant. How does Ufile want me to respond?
  11. bull25

    Spouse / Ex Spouse

    I've successfully completed all the questions in the interview, but when I get to the results to try and Netfile the return, I get the following error: The amount you entered for your spouse's net income while you were living in Canada with your spouse cannot exceed your spouse's net income for the year. Click here When I click the link, it creates an Ex-spouse page and points me to the following field: Your spouse net income while you were living together in Canada My wife and I are still very much together. So I've tried deleting the page and ensured that the specified fields are filled in under the Spouse - basic information page. Same problem. Even if I placate the system and fill in the appropriate fields in the Ex-spouse page, it then shoots me an error telling me that "I've stated that my marital status didn't change, but now I have an ex-spouse page (paraphrasing). I have no idea what to do here - help please!
  12. Hi there, I'm preparing my return along with my spouse for the first time, and I'm confused about one requirement on the "Controls" section. The instruction says: "If applicable, please select Yes to confirm that your spouse's adjusted taxable income is NIL" This question is repeated for provincial/territorial income. Why do I have to confirm my spouse's adjusted taxable income is NIL? Because it most certainly isn't.... But if I answer "no", I'm afraid I won't be able to NETFILE. The help section says: "This is a mandatory requirement from CRA for NETFILE, you have to answer YES to this question to confirm the calculation done by the program, UFile will prompt you to do so in the NETFILE section when you calculate and access the Results page." Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  13. Trying to understand what the 2 type of spouse options are, what should i use???\ any help would be great. thanks
  14. For the 2011 tax year, My husband and I each completed a completely separate ufile return. This screwed up our deductions as ufile claimed deductions for both of us that we were not otherwise eligible for. For 2012, we have each finished a separate 2012 tax return on ufile. How do we combine our separate files so that all the information is in one consolidated ufile and it calculates all the deductions properly?
  15. Hi there, My wife moved to QC from ON last year, for a new job. She's currently living there, resided on last day of December in QC. I have the following questions, and would greatly appreciate if anyone who could shed some lights - Do we need to file separately, and in terms of logistics, should we create two account in UFile, one for each of us? - She went to school in QC few years ago and also filed tax once there. If she has any remaining tax credit, can it be recovered and put to use? Thank you, Adam
  16. Hi, I got married in 2013 and my wife immigrated to Canada in Sep 2013 (after our marriage). She has never had any Canada source income for any part of the year. She had non Canada source income only before immigrating to Canada. So should I select the option - "I had no income from any source in 2013"? If I don't select it, I don't see any other suitable option for her income and I have to select at least one option there. There is a 'foreign income' option but I think that is only relevant for her Canada stay period and any non Canada source income for her Canada NR period will not be termed as a foreign income. But then is it right to say "I had no income from any source in 2013"? So please advise on which checkbox to select. Thanks.
  17. On my return results, all my wife's information is displayed and she must pay. On her return results, most of my information is missing and she gets a refund. How did I ensure my information is included in her results?
  18. Hello, My marital status changed in 2013. I was married abroad. Now, my wife is already here in Canada and has been assigned a SIN number. I am about to file for my tax returns. So, I changed my status as married and on the Spouse Interview Type, I chose "Net Income Only" as my wife does not need a tax return as she was not a resident of Canada in 2013. I am getting confused on one question in the interview i.e. "Spouse not processed is an immigrant?". I don't know what to select here. Should I select "yes" or "no". I also am confused on whether I have to show her income for 2013 before she came to Canada. If I have to then where do i show this ? She was working in the country she is originally from, and while converting it comes to about CAD$8,000 for the year. I am unsure if I can or can't claim the "Spousal Amount" . I did not support her as she was working as well as was living with her family. I did send some money to her but I do not have any receipts with me to prove it. Please advise. Thanks
  19. Hi, my wife has no income but at line 448 in the results, it shows up that she owes $200 for Health contributions. I can understand that amount for myself since i do have an earning, but why is it coming up for my wife. Is this a glitch in the system or perfectly alright..??
  20. For the tuition credits, my wife let the system decide how much can she possibly transfer to spouse and it came up with an amount $2000. But I do not see this amount in line 326 of the summary page as explained in the help. She also transferred 1173 to her parents as part of Quebec schedule T. Could this be a reason why i didn't see anything on line 326 because there's a limit or clause of some kind? lastly is it true, that my wife cannot transfer amounts carried forward from previous years to me..?? and that i need to be 65 years old for her to transfer them..??
  21. Hi, I'd like to confirm if I've done this right. I got married in Dec 2012 and my spouse is a non-resident. I have informed the CRA of the marital status changed and have also reflected this in my UFile return. As for my spouse, I have selected the option of showing only her "Net Income" since she does not have a SIN and her PR application is still in progress. I would like to confirm that I have to enter her "world income" (converted to C$) in the line that says "Net Federal Income of your spouse (line 236 of his or her return)". I would also like to know if this affects my return (Note: I'm not claiming the spousal amount or GST credits) or if it is purely for CRA's information. Thanks so much! Kevin
  22. Hi, I am currently living in Canada on a post-graduate work permit. I got married in December 2012 back in India. However, my wife is still in India. When I added my marital status as "married", the software asked for details about my wife. It has several options in terms of income etc etc. What do I do? Is there a way to state married while still applying as single?
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