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Found 4 results

  1. I am the higher earner in the family, and my partner has been attending school full time for half of the year. In this situation, I can claim child care expenses despite being the higher earner. My question is, do I need to separate child care expenses incurred before vs after my partner started school? I have some expenses from the first half of the year, when my partner was not in school, and I have some from the second half, while she was in school - am I able to claim all of these, or only the ones since September?
  2. Hi, First time sending in a question. I would like to know if I can claim both my son's student tuition and housing rent for 2013. I classify him as a dependent since he returns home after his college term to live with us. Where do I claim the housing rent and the tuition is entered under tuition paid. Thank you for your help. I will wait for answers.
  3. Hi there! Schedule 6 - WITB does not seem to be calculating properly. According to CRA rules I would be considered an eligible spouse for my wife, and she can claim WITB. I was a part-time student last year, and if I fill Sch11 as if I was a part-time student, her schedule 6 has the "Claim basic WITB" box automatically NOT checked, thus resulting in $0 receivable. On the other hand, if I say that I was a full-time student, which is not true, that box in her Sch 6 is checked and she is entitled to $584. Based on CRA Guide and even based on what is described in Sch 6 from UFILE, shouldn't that box be checked in both cases as the type and length of my study program shouldn't affect box 391 in her schedule 6, but boxes 21 and 24? Can someone check this for me? Thank you!
  4. Hi, I have a student son studying in US, and I have encountered two issues using U-File to report the tuition abroad. 1) The University provided the filled form TL11A, for which there is no entry in the U-File Interview questionnaire. I kind of "resolved" this by inputting the information as if it is T2202A form, since both fields and information provided are similar. But if someone has a better solution specific to U-File Interview, please share it. 2) The University provided the amount of scholarship awards granted to my son for the tax period in simple text form on the official letter, however it is not any numbered form per CRA specifications. Would greatly appreciate if someone could advise how to proceed with this case, and where to input in U-File Interview the amount of awards granted. Thanks in advance for any help!
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