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Found 14 results

  1. My spouse received a T4A from his employer. We have followed the steps laid out in multiple forum posts, as well as the links sent to me when I sent a support e-mail, exactly, and it will let us file. However, when you look at the federal summary, it is reporting the amount entered in box 048 of the T4A twice, once for the T4A section and once for the T2125 section. (The T2125 we were forced to fill out because it wouldn't let us file without doing that.) It ends up adding lines 104 and 137 together, but it was only one T4A and therefore only reporting one instance of income. (Example numb
  2. Linx

    CCA Class

    (I'm helping a family member who purchased UFile but has not heard from them since) RE: CCA – Class 8 - 2018 opening balance is under $50.00. The item in question is damaged and useless (It's in the garbage now). Prefer to stop the carry over but not sure what is the best way to fill out UFile (2018) T2125. Under "Did you dispose of an asset in this class" – I take it that the answer is -Yes "Proceeds of disposition of assets" I presume the answer is - Zero (0) Not sure if other boxes should be filled out? Not sure if penalties will be incurred o
  3. I am trying to make changes to my husband's T2125 by changing the percentage owned by spouse. Whenever I change the percentage however, the tax return for spouse does not change (the net business income on his review page stays the same). My tax return net business income does change though. I do seem to remember getting a question earlier on about verifying his DOB and SIN number before being able to view his return (did that cause the return to be 'fixed' and unable to be changed?) Is there something I am missing? Thank you!
  4. Hello This is the third filing of a T2125 form (sole proprietor) using Ufile. The first two years there was a modest net profit but this year there will be a modest net loss. What I like to know is how does UFile handle the net loss i.e. Is there a carry forward? Thanks Linx
  5. Hello, In 2016 my wife had to create a company to file incoming as a Uber driver. In 2017 she didn't make a penny on this business, as she never drove for Uber since. So, do I have to include a T2125 in my 2017 file as well? The problem is that I included it and inserted $0.00 on the field Gross sale, but I get a warning that prevents me to file the report. How should I proceed to report $0.00 on the gross sale field? Thanks for the help!
  6. This is service issue UF508198. I have been exchanging emails with customer service but to no avail on this matter. On my tax return on the form T2125, Area A table, I am not able to determine how the numbers for each line are being created for column 9. I believe I know what they should be as I calculated them on my own, but they are not equal to what ufile is producing. Also, the total for column 9 does not actually equal the sum of the numbers it should be totaling. In my email exchanges they suggested it was one thing or another but it is like they did not bother to actually calculate
  7. I created an additional Self-Employment income tab (T2125 Business ID) by mistake, and I am now unable to delete it. Nothing happens when I hit the delete key (-) on the right side of the record I want to erase.
  8. "The first digit of the message number on the left identifies one of your financial statements. One of the following situations exists on your return: 1) The start date and/or end date of your fiscal period is not entered in the YYYYMMDD Format or the date entered is not valid. Please make sure that valid dates are entered in the YYYYMMDD format. 2) The year of the fiscal period end date of your AgriStability/AgriInvest financial statement is not valid. Please make sure the year for the end date is the year of the return you are filing. A financial statement is one or more of the following f
  9. I have filled out a T2125C form to report my box 20 on T4A . In the income, expenses tab, I have inputted the total from my box 20 and I have also inputted 0.00 in the gross sales, commissions or fees. When i go to the review tab of uFile I get a warning preventing my from efiling stating "The amount in box 020 of the T4A slip must also be reported within the corresponding business as self-employment income". This is exactly how i reported the same income last year and didn't have any issues. I have no clue what this means. I am using uFile for Windows.
  10. I cannot NETFILE my wife's return because she has T4A Box 20 (Commissions) and Box 28 (Other Income). This is business income. Last year I entered the Box 20 information in the Ufile T4A slip and in the T2125 form business schedule. This year I did the same thing, but I STILL cannot Netfile. In prior year topics I can see we are advised to enter the T4A Box 20 income in the corresponding Box 20 Commissions income line in the T2125--but in the 2013 Tax application there is NO line referring to the Box 20 Commissions income in the T2125 form. It seems I am stuck. The alternative
  11. Hello, I have entered an additional income amount on the T4A form. I then added the T2125 under Self Employment and the same income amount as professional income here, but the program is still telling me I cannot Netfile because I must report the income on T2125. How can I rectify this? Thanks.
  12. ahm

    T1204, Home Expense

    I had a short-term contract with a government agency in 2013. I received T1204 in which the net income has been reflected. What is the best way to report this income? Since there is no way to add T1204 slip, one suggestion is to declare it as a self-employment income using T2125. If this is the only option, do I need to reflect my home expenses in the form T777 and have it signed by my employer? If filing T777 is a must, can I send it electronically together with my tax file in Ufile? Your help is greatly appreciated.
  13. Hello Everyone I am trying to figure out how to deduct $600 worth of Subcontractor payments ro various people for 2013. There is no specific place for it in the T2125 for Professional Income. (There is in Business Income for some reason). What I have been doing is creating an "Other" Expense labeled Subcontractor. This only give me back a portion of the $600, but I should be entitled to the full amount right? Thanks for any help people can provide. John
  14. Last year I worked on an engagement with a client thru an agency. The agency treated me as self employed but deducted CPP and EI contributions (not my choice or agreement!). They have issued a T4 showing these deductions but with a blank Employent Income Box 14 (... I'm not considered an employee cos I am considered self employed...). The T4 shows a note in the Other Information section, with a Box 81 and the total of my earnings, along with the same earnings amount in Boxes 24 and 26. I have created a T4 in Ufile showing exactly the above, including the Box 81 note. When I run Results, Uf
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