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Found 4 results

  1. I need to fill "T2200" form for my employment expenses. I followed such steps: 1. ticked "employment expenses" in "interview setup" page and clicked "Next" 2. choose "employment expenses" from left panel, and only multiple of T777 forms(6 entries), T2L form(2 entries) and one legal fees entry available. I can't find a single T2200 entry there. Did I miss anything? BTW, I bought Ufile 2019 windows standard version. Regards, Cheng
  2. Hi there! I have the form T2200, employment expenses. It is signed by my employer stating that I use my personal vehicle to earn employment salary. I have fairly a good knowledge on how to fill it out in Ufile. The only issue I have is: I had a car since 2014 I purchased it 3800$ and beginning of this year in march I purchased a brand new car for my work purposes and I sold my old car in Jun for 2150$. It seems Ufile doesn't ask how much I sold the car and how much was the loss? I had both cars (90% employment use-10% personal use) for a period of 3-4 months. I have entered both car info. FYI I had a chrysler I bought it in 2014 for 2800$. The adjusted value start of the tax year was calculated by ufile which is around 2300$. I sold it for 2150$ in the tax year.
  3. This is my first time claiming Home Office expenses as a new, salaried 100% Home Office worker in 2013. On the Home Office Expenses form, I can't claim Property Taxes but what does the "Taxes" line represent (under the Water line) ? Also, I have sent in my T2200E form to my work to be signed, and curious about question #7. Do we have to identify all of the expenses (which we claimed within Ufile) on the T2200 form ? For reference http://www.cra-arc.gc.ca/E/pbg/tf/t2200/ Thanks, Bob
  4. I have a completed T2200 from my employer due to the home office requirements for my job. For "Percentage (%) of home being used for personal purposes" I have entered 10%. For simplicity I have entered (for now), $10,000, under the line items "Total home expenses incurred (both business and personal use)". When I generate my results I am expecting to see a $1,000 tax credit. Instead I am seeing $9,000 which seems to be interpreting the 10% as non-office use and 90% is office use. This seems straightforward to me and would assume many have completed this schedule before. Appreciate any insight or advice. Thank you, Julian.
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