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Found 14 results

  1. Kindly, where and how do I add box 50, 39, and 86 on my T4 entry in UFILE as I can't find them. I managed to add box 39 from the drop-down list but box 38, 86 and 50 where I have amounts on the T4 I received from my employer are nowhere to be found in UFILE T4 for Ontario. Regards.
  2. We used to live in Quebec, moved back to Ontario in July 2017. I've received my tax slips (T4 & RL-1) as I have for the past 10 years. Never had an issue until today with filing. In the navigation, I chose T4 and RL-1 Income earned in Quebec with QPP contributions. I enter the amount shown on my t4 box 26 (CPP/QPP pensionable earnings), which is the same as the amount on the RL-1 box G (Salaire admissible au RRQ). I've entered the province as Quebec, it asks me for both box14 and box A which show employment income on the T4 and RL-1 for federal and Quebec. When all is said and done and I click on review, I get a message: Pensionable earnings on T4 exceed the amount of T4. I've entered the number exactly as shown, it's a dual entry on one line in the Ufile Program for both boxes. I have no amount in box 16 of the T4 (Employee's CPP Contribution), only an amount in box 17 (Employee's QPP Contributions). due to this message/error, the program will not allow me to file electronically. I have never had this issue before, can someone please advise. Thanks,
  3. I live in Quebec but my employer is Ontario based and they were sold last year and changed their name in August. I received two T4 slips with different amounts in the same boxes. My questions is: can i combine the two on my ufile tax program? If not do i enter both and then split expenses against my commission income? There are no RL-1 slips as province of employment on T4 is ON.
  4. MCLeBlanc

    Box 85

    I have an amount showing in box 85 on a T4 slip, which is an employee paid premium for private health services plans yet there is no place to input this on ufile. The medical page states not to input the amount there yet there is no room on the T4 page.
  5. My wife worked in 2017 as an employee of the employment agency on two occasions, having her own sole proprietor business. On the report I entered all numbers from two T4s she got. On both of them line 14 is empty, lines 16 and 18 have certain amounts and the actual income's shown in line 81. I also entered exact sum of these two incomes (from box 81) into form T2125 (as an business income, where required). As a result I got the following messages on the review page: Errors: You cannot currently NETFILE the federal return.<...> Your tax return contains negative entries on lines where they are not permitted for NetFile purposes. Warnings: The pensionable earnings entered for a T4 exceed the amount of T4 income. The amount in box 81 of the T4 slip must also be reported as business income. Questions: 1. What might have caused the error msg, if there's no negative values entered anywhere? 2. Could it be caused by this specific case of box 81 on T4? 3. In any case, how can I fix it?
  6. Hi, im trying to file as a factual resident living overseas working for federal government. My rl-1 box A has an income 70 times lower than my t4... does that make any sense?
  7. Hello, My friend works in Ottawa Ontario and lives in Gatineau Quebec. His Ontario employer gave him a T4 (with CPP deduction) slip and Relevé 1 slip. In Ufile 2015, after I input Quebec as his Dec 31 address, there are only 4 options from the T4 box. T4 and RL-1 income earned in QC with QPP contributions T4 income earned outside Quebec T4 and RL-1 income earned in Quebec with CPP contributiions T4E- employment insurance and other benefits My question is which option is correct to enter both T4 and Relevé 1? If I choose option 2, there is no place to input Relevé 1 information (box A and J for private health insurance). If I choose option 3 to enter both T4 and RL-1, the default working province is Quebec which is wrong, it should be Ontario. For 2014 version, there is an option of "T4 and RL-1 with CPP contributions''. I was able to enter both at one place. Is it a software problem for 2015 version? Please help, thanks!
  8. Hi there, I am hoping you can help. I live in QC. I received two RL1 and one T4 forms from the same employer. I have added the corresponding numbers and some of the numbers do not match in T4 14/RL1 A and T4 40/RL1 L. For the T4 14 and RL1 A, there are separate boxes, but that is not the case for T4 40/RL1 L. Do I use the RL1 number or the T4 number in this case? Thanks for your help!
  9. Hi Everyone, I have a T4 and RL-1 slip from my emplyer. I have an ammount in Box I of the RL-1 slip but there is nothing in Box 56 of my T4. When reporting income in ufile, it asks for box 56 and in the description it says it is the same as Box I for the RL-1 slip. Is there an error or do I report the amount listed in Box I or leave it blank as in Box 56? Any help is appreciated!!!
  10. I have 4 forms from the same employer: Two T4 forms and Two RL-1 forms. The problem is that no particular RL form corresponds to any particular T4 form - (it's like they are for different time periods of the year). However, if I add up the amounts for a given box on both RL-1s, they match the sum of the amounts that are added up on the corresponding box of the T4s. Example looking at Box 14 / RL-1 Box A: First T4 : 44502.17 Second T4 : 20308.65 Combined Box 14: 64810.82 First RL-1 : 62516.14 Second RL-1 : 2294.68 Combined Box A: 64810.82 I noticed in another other post (here) that one could combine the values for a given box in each T4. However in that other thread the user only had one RL-1. I want to verify if there is any issue in 'combining' the multiple RL-1s from the same employer together (so that I have a new combined Box A, Box B, Box C, etc.) Thanks!
  11. Hi, I would appreciate some clarification on inputting the correct data in the boxes for the taxation year 2013 with multiple slips of T4 and a RL-L slips from the same company. Info : I am currently a resident of QC, and I worked in Qc. I received 2 T4 and 1 RL-1 from the same employer for the year 2013. The corresponding boxes of the 2 T4 slips added together are equivalent to the boxes of the RL-1 Slip. The difference between the 2 T4 (except the values of each box) is that one of them has box 40 and box 85 added (Health Benefits) . Questions : 1. When filling the “T4 and RL-1 (Relevé 1) income earned in Quebec” Form, some boxes have a # and a letter example “(Box 20 - RPP contributions (RL-1 Box D)”. Witch one of the slip T4 or RL-1 do I Use? 2. How many forms do I use if I have 2 T4 and 1 RL-1 from the same employer? Appreciate your Time and Energy.
  12. How do I carry-forward donations that are on a T4?
  13. Received the following warning preventing me from filing via Netfile: "The amount of Quebec income tax deducted that you entered is greater than the corresponding employment income. Click here to fix ". It relates to severance reflected on a releve 1. I assume the higher quebec tax deducted is on both the employment income as well as the non-eligible retiring allowance. I am an Ontario resident but previously employed by a Quebec employer. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  14. bunsik

    T4 for dependants

    I was just wondering why both my sons' "Employment income and employment insurance benefits (T4, T4E/RL-6)" box does not appear the "Quikclik Interview Setup" section even though I had check that they had a source of income (from their part time jobs). Thanks in advance!
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