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Found 24 results

  1. How do I report this income In Ufile on-line for 2015? I can't find anywhere to enter it.
  2. uFile allows most T slips to be split painlessly. I have a T4A slip from our Credit Union for a joint account with my spouse. Do I have to split the slip manually, or am I missing how to have uFile do it for me? Thanks much.
  3. Hello, I am self-employed and earn commissions. I have filled out the "T4A - Pension, retirement, annuity, and other income" form as well as the "T2125 - Commission income" form and can find no error in the way that I have entered everything. The results at the end seem to reflect accurately too, however it gives me a warning and says I cannot file to netfile: -"T4A box 020 is present, make sure this amount is also included within a business grouping" -"The amount in T4A boc 020 must also be reported as business income" As far as I can tell, both of these are done already....any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Nick
  4. Hi - I was hoping someone wiser could help me with reporting pension income (T4A). When I left my old position, my employer paid out my pension (registered RPP) through a lump-sum payment to my RRSP (not taxed) and a portion of taxable cash. I'm not sure which option to select for line 018 in the 'T4A - Pension, retirement, annuity and other income' section in light of the above. I think option 108 - Lump-sum payments from a RPP that you cannot transfer makes the most sense, but I would appreciate some reassurance or correction! Thank you!!!
  5. I have three T4As, one with income in 028 and the other with income in 048. I also have a slip with somethinbg in box 105, but that is not causing an issue. I enter the amounts for 028 and 048 in the proper area of the T4A interview, but get an error that prevents me from netfiling. It says: the amount in box 028 of the T4A...must be reported in the corresponding business as self-employment income To the best of my knowledge, I have done this. I have gone through the above steps a number of times, but to no avail. I have done my return of Genutax and it doesn't seem to give me an error message like this, though I have not tried to netfile that return. When I enter the amounts in the T4A interview (ie amount in box 028 & amount in 048), the amounts end up on lines 8230 in box 3C. It was my understanding that I should have the total amounts of 028 & 048 appear in line 8 of box 3B. If I make sure that the amounts in 028 & 048 appear in box 3B (by entering them as gross professional fees & WIP, I end up with exactly twice the amount of box 028 & 048 on line 8299. Effectively doubling what I actually made. A friend of mine suggested disabling the interview and enter all of the T4 and T4A info manually. Can I just remove the T4A slips from the T4A part of the interview? I used the CRA autofill function this year and the T4As appeared in the T4A part of the interview automatically. Should I remove these from this?
  6. My spouse received a T4A from his employer. We have followed the steps laid out in multiple forum posts, as well as the links sent to me when I sent a support e-mail, exactly, and it will let us file. However, when you look at the federal summary, it is reporting the amount entered in box 048 of the T4A twice, once for the T4A section and once for the T2125 section. (The T2125 we were forced to fill out because it wouldn't let us file without doing that.) It ends up adding lines 104 and 137 together, but it was only one T4A and therefore only reporting one instance of income. (Example numbers: T4A box 048, entered 500, T2125, entered 500 ONLY in the line where it says to enter the amount in box 048, put $0 in gross professional fees as instructed, but on the summary, it's reporting it as 500 + 500 to equal total of 1000, which is incorrect.) Want to make sure of how to fix this so we don't get in any kind of trouble/audited.
  7. Amy Wong

    Line 119

    I have a T4A slip with Line 119 (Premiums paid to a group term life insurance plan). However, there is no where I can enter this information in UFile. Please help.
  8. Can't netfile because warning message "No income", but I have amount in box 105 on T4A slip, should be guided by line 130, can't find where to enter when setting up interview. I'm a postdoc not a student. I should report this income.
  9. When entering a T4A Box 48 it also asks to enter the amount on the T2125. But it calculates the QPP twice. Once on line 439 and than on line 445, Also the amount on line 455 seems really high.
  10. How can I handle a situation where I have a T4A for professional income (e.g. a T4A with an entry in box 028) but some of that income was already claimed as work-in-progress in the previous year? As a made-up example, let's say I do a project where I am contracted for $2000. Most of the project work was done in 2015, and I claimed $1500 of the contracted income in 2015, since the work was earned/in-progress in that year. The project was finished in 2016 and I was paid the $2000. Thus, I was issued a T4A for $2000 in 2016 - but I only need to pay taxes on $500 of that income in 2016. How can I get Ufile to account for the WIP amount? A similar situation was described in this post, but the answer was sent by email: http://community.ufile.ca/index.php?/topic/550-work-in-progress-and-professional-income/ Thanks in advance for any help.
  11. Hi, I received a T4A slip from the Allied Health Professional Development Fund - only box 105 has $446.35 on it. I entered onto UFile but it is asking for a footnote and sending me an 'error' message. The back of the slip has indicated - Scholarships, bursaries, .... for line 130 I am a working part time as a self-employed professional and not studying. Please help. Thank you
  12. groy

    T4A Commission income

    I have filled out a T2125C form to report my box 20 on T4A . In the income, expenses tab, I have inputted the total from my box 20 and I have also inputted 0.00 in the gross sales, commissions or fees. When i go to the review tab of uFile I get a warning preventing my from efiling stating "The amount in box 020 of the T4A slip must also be reported within the corresponding business as self-employment income". This is exactly how i reported the same income last year and didn't have any issues. I have no clue what this means. I am using uFile for Windows.
  13. I cannot NETFILE my wife's return because she has T4A Box 20 (Commissions) and Box 28 (Other Income). This is business income. Last year I entered the Box 20 information in the Ufile T4A slip and in the T2125 form business schedule. This year I did the same thing, but I STILL cannot Netfile. In prior year topics I can see we are advised to enter the T4A Box 20 income in the corresponding Box 20 Commissions income line in the T2125--but in the 2013 Tax application there is NO line referring to the Box 20 Commissions income in the T2125 form. It seems I am stuck. The alternative I found is to delete the T4A and just enter the income in "Other Income" in the T2125. This is not technically correct, but it does flow the income into the correct overall tax calculation.... Anyone have any ideas??
  14. lusum54

    T4A Box 118

    I am having troubles finding a spot to enter box 118 from a T4A slip. It is "Medical Premium Benefits", located in "other" section on slip. Please Help!
  15. I am using UFile Windows. I have an artist grant to report. In the T4A form, the amount is shown in the "Other Information" section with the Code "105". The amount is not transferred to Line 130 properly. Here is what I have done: Add a new TA4 form under the "Pension income,T4A, split pension" section In the other information section, Select [105] F130 Artist's project grants, and enter the amount such as $5,000 In the Results tab, the Line 130 is $0. (it should show $4,500.) In the "Tax Return" tab, click the "Worksheet(Federal)". In the "Line 130" calculation section, the Exemption is $5,000. It should be $500 (basic exemption amount). This is an error. The Exemption is always 100% regardless the amount I put. UFile2013 calculated the exemption correctly.
  16. Hey, I have a T4a issued, with only the boxes 014 and 028 filled in and nothing else. It was for contract work. Ufile doesn't have an option to add these boxes under the T4a section. Any ideas? The income was for work, not pension or anything i can see listed.
  17. swante

    T4A box 105

    The help screens clearly state that if you recieve a scholarship (in this case box 105 on T4A) it will show up as other income on line 130 UNLESS YOU ARE ENROLLED IN POST SECONDARY STUDIES. I have entered box 105, it's showing up on line 130 even though post secondary studies are entered. I know that the software is recognizing the post secondary studies because it is recognizing the tuition credits. I have entered 12 months of full time studies. Is this a bug, or is there something that I am missing doing? I have entered the exact same information in Turbo Tax, and it automatically wipes out the box 105 amount from line 130 as soon as I enter the tuition information. I just don't understand why ufile is not working. I have to go back and refile last year's return, it was wrong last year as well. Will have to go back a few years to analyze and correct this error. Thank you for your help! I appreciate any feedback!
  18. I have a T4A form that has data only in fields 18 and 22. When I try to enter this in UFile along with the name of the issuer of the form, it doesn't accept it and says I have a required field missing. However, there is no indication of which field it is that is required. Can anyone advise what I am missing here? Thanks.
  19. I need to report a T4A with boxes 118 +119. This is for a Health and Welfare Plan. Where can this input be found?
  20. Hello, I have a RL-1 / T4A from Emploi-Quebec. 1. RL-1 BOX O : 2000 CODE: RS (financial support) BOX 201 : 1000 (childcare expenses / assistance) 2. T4A BOX 028 : 3000 (T4A BOX 028 = RL-1 BOX O + BOX 201) I entered box 028 of T4A (3000) into the box 028+ of the page, and added a QUEBEC box O with (2000). However, I don't know where to enter box 201 of RL-1 (1000). This seems related to line 40, Schedule C of Quebec according to the slip. Does anybody know about this? And how can I see the details of schedules, such as Schedule C of Quebec? Thanks.
  21. Hello, I am self-employed and earn commissions. I have filled out the "T4A - Pension, retirement, annuity, and other income" form as well as the "T2125 - Commission income" form and can find no error in the way that I have entered everything. The results at the end seem to reflect accurately too, however it gives me a warning and says I cannot file to netfile: -"T4A box 020 is present, make sure this amount is also included within a business grouping" -"The amount in T4A boc 020 must also be reported as business income" As far as I can tell, both of these are done already....any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Nick
  22. bmedicky

    T4A slip box 48

    I have seen numerous questions about the confusion caused by having to report income in box 48 of a T4A slip. I believe I understand the process correctly, but I have a set of circumstances that I have not seen anyone else discuss. They are stopping me from Netfiling my return using Ufile's online service. In my case, I have self-employment income that is reported in box 48 on several T4A slips. However, I have a substantial amount of additional self-employment income that is not reported on any slips, making me responsible for reporting that income myself. Here's the problem... the instructions given by the forum administrator say to create an entry for each T4A slip, report the income for each box 48, then create an entry for reporting self-employment business and professional income (Form T2125) and report the same income again. Apparently we are supposed to put a zero in the first box (Gross sales, commissions or fees) and put the sum total of all box 48 amounts under "Fees for service". But since I have additional income not reported on any T4A slip, I must put this income under "Gross sales, commissions or fees": there is no other place to report it. If I do so, my tax return is made ineligible for Netfiling, with the complaint that T4A box 48 amounts must be reported as business income. It seems that "Gross sales..." must be zero for the program to be happy, according to what others have said, but this cannot work for me. How can I get around this? I would very much prefer to Netfile and not mail a paper return.
  23. mlmartens

    Repaid T4a income

    I am trying to figure out where and how to report an unusual situation. I have income that was reported on a T4A by an organization other than my employer. My agreement with my employer was that I could either take unpaid time off work and keep the income from the 3rd party or I could do the work for the 3rd party on time paid by my employer, get paid by my employer, and sign over the cheque from the 3rd party to my employer. As the amount paid by the 3rd party is identical to the amount I got paid by my employer, I did the work on paid time, got paid by my employer, and signed over the cheque to my employer. How and where do I deduct the amount on the T4A on my tax filings?
  24. I cannot Find Box 119 ?? Why isnt it there.? Its for my Statement of Pension , Retirement . Annuity. and other income.
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