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Found 7 results

  1. I cannot enter the above tax credit, please show me how?
  2. Yash

    SK Tution tax credit

    I'm trying to fill the tax return for 2017 using UFILE windows. I and my spouse trying to file the returns together. this is our second tax filing and I opted to provide the complete information of spouse. My spouse has a tution tax credit which we want to transfer to my tax benefit. I dont see an option to do that. Please help thanks.
  3. Hi, I received some company stock (U.S. based) option that vested in 2015. To simplify numbers, let's say I received $1000 worth in stock, but $600 was withheld as taxes by U.S. broker (I believe this is required by IRS). The $1000 was recorded on my T4 box 38 which I had entered into UFile. Now, how do I recover part of $600 that I paid in foreign taxes? Is this doable in UFile, to write this taxes off against my income? The funny thing is if I remove the $1000 from box 38 in UFile, it does nothing to my final return numbers which I don't get. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.
  4. Mero

    Maximum Refund!

    Hi, Is their a cretin Percentage or Value of what is the Maximum refund i can get from my Tax return?
  5. Hello, I have a RL-1 / T4A from Emploi-Quebec. 1. RL-1 BOX O : 2000 CODE: RS (financial support) BOX 201 : 1000 (childcare expenses / assistance) 2. T4A BOX 028 : 3000 (T4A BOX 028 = RL-1 BOX O + BOX 201) I entered box 028 of T4A (3000) into the box 028+ of the page, and added a QUEBEC box O with (2000). However, I don't know where to enter box 201 of RL-1 (1000). This seems related to line 40, Schedule C of Quebec according to the slip. Does anybody know about this? And how can I see the details of schedules, such as Schedule C of Quebec? Thanks.
  6. Hi, I live Quebec and paid 5070$ in child care to my daycare but received advance payments from the Quebec Gov in the amount of 3704$ for the tax credit for child care. Now when claiming child care expenses federally, on line 214 do I only put the difference that I have not been reimbursed ($5070-$3704) as my childcare amount or do I indicate the total ($5070)? I'm really struggling with this. Thanks! Bianca
  7. I have a friend who is eligible for the Disability Tax Credit (DTC) AND Attendant Care Expenses (ACE). As I understand it DTC and ACE are mutually exclusive. My friend gets a higher return if I use the ACE instead of the DTC. I understand there are circumstances that will allow him to claim both these credits. Does anyone know the circumstances required to qualify for the Disability Tax Credit and Attendant Care Expenses?
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