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Found 8 results

  1. I have entered my son's information on his tuition and education amounts from his T2202A into his return. But nothing comes up in my husband's (or my) returns. Have I missed something?
  2. In early 2017, I transferred an excess (unlocked) amount from my RIF account directly to a RSP account. The transfer took place in Jan 2017 and, as such, I received a RSP contribution slip for First 60 days of 2017. And, per CRA instruction, I included this RSP contribution in my 2016 return and it showed up in my 2016 assessment as unused RSP contribution. In 2018, I received a T4RIF which identified the transfer as taxable amount in box 16 and I followed the instruction to report this amount in UFile 2017 and check "Portion of box 16 transferred to a RRSP...". My understanding is that this will create room to offset the amount on the RSP Contribution slip I received and filed. When I reviewed the return, I noticed that the RSP contribution was double accounted - the unused amount from 2016 assessment and an RSP contribution automatically generated by UFile. There is no "switch" in UFile to indicate the amount has already been filed. And, I can't simply not enter the unused contribution from my 2016 return. Can anyone tell me how to rectify this issue?
  3. I have seen similar questions / answers but it is not working for me. I have three children, the two youngest are living with my wife and I and attend university. I take the full $5,000 allowed. My eldest daughter separated from her common-law early in the year. She finished up school and did not make significant income. I am looking to transfer the tuition to my return. The problem is that the program is giving the tuition to my wife and not to me despite entering as part of my interview. I am in the highest tax bracket so I would like to deduct it, not my wife. Is there a way to override this. Why is it in my wife's return. Thanks
  4. I was having difficulty with the Tuition Transfer line. The Ufile software clearly stated the Maximum amount my child could transfer to a parent, ($6922) but when you enter that EXACT amount in the window you get a warning that it exceeds the Maximum for Ontario Tuition transferable. It would then prevent you from filing said child's taxes online. I did notice that when I installed the software it never checked for an update. I selected Settings and Update. There was an update available to me so I downloaded and installed it. That fixed the bug with the software and now my child was able to transfer the Maximum Provincial Tuition amount to a parent. The built in check that looks for problem entries in the window was a value from 2015 ($6820) and not 2016 ($6922). Once you update the software the problem fixes itself.
  5. Greetings Just running into a problem - this year we sold a stock I've held since 2010. At that time it wasn't purchased, it was exchanged to my account for another stock from a family member. I received a few hundred shares of a couple stocks and transferred out a few hundred shares of other different stocks... Because of the non-1-to-1 nature of this exchange, I don't have a cost for these shares, thus I don't know what the actual capital gain was - I just have the full proceeds from the sale this year. Do I have to claim the whole sale as capital gain? (per my t5008)? My 5008 has both the stocks I got in that series of transfers indicates the full value of the sale as a gain because the cost is unknown. Rundown-- 2010: Give stock A and stock B to Dad (internal at the brokerage) Get Stock C and D from Dad 2013: Sell C and D but do not know the cost - there was no recorded cost to the transactions.
  6. I have two children transferring federal tuition credits to me. These individually do not exceed $5000 but collectively do. If I enter more than $5000, I get an error. If I try to add a second form, I am told the maximum number of forms is 1. This seems like a bug to me. How do I enter amounts from two children?
  7. I have entered all 3 family members...spouses and dependant who qualifies for caregiver amount. The dependant does not have any income. I have followed the instructions provided by UFile and the amount still does not show up. I downloaded an update today...could that be part of the problem? This dependant is also eligible for the Child Fitness Credit of $1,000 because of a disability. I'm unable to get that form to show either. Help anyone?
  8. I'm filing taxes for me and my husband and I have selected for him to transfer taxable dividends to spouse in QuikClik Navigator -> Controls. For federal taxes everything is ok, and his refund was transfered to my balance owing. For Quebec taxes he has a refund as well, but it was not transfered. So there is nothing in his TP1 line 476 (Refund transferred to your spouse), but lines 474 and 478 (Refund) has amounts. Can you explain me why? Thank you!
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