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Found 4 results

  1. In 2017 I used "ufile online". This year I bought "ufile for windows" (purchased online)and downloaded it. 1.The programme would not carry forward data from last year. 2.When I went to file my taxes , the programme asked if I was ready to pay and would not advance. I went to "my account" page at ufile, and the green "paid" button dropped down from 2017 to 2016 How can I file without paying twice?
  2. Hello Tax paying Canadians, Can some one answer me this dilemma? As Canadians, we pay more taxes and take on more debt than necessary. This is more like a behavior issue than being money wise and smart. UFile has only limited SKU. They should be selling 2 License Version for family and if you require additional licenses you can purchase it online additional “2 License” or “4 License” format. I have been a UFile member for the past 14 years. I have never questioned their sales strategy. It looks like I have been contributing to this problem. Last year (2016) I purchased “UFile 2015 for Windows” (2 Licenses Version) from “BestBuy” for $14.99. This year (2017) I wanted to purchase “UFile 2016 for Windows” and I only see 4 license versions in stores for $19.99 ~ $21.99. What happened to “2 License” version? Has this been discontinued? When I emailed support, they were not able to answer my question. So, I am reaching out to the community for answers. Regards, WhyMe
  3. I have a brand new windows 8.1 computer and I am trying to install my ufile 12 for windows that I purchased. I have used ufile every year on my work laptop and installed it no problem. I want to install it on my home computer this year so I dont have to move my work computer home. So I made the purchase and clicked on the link and downloaded the ufile software...when I double click on it it pops up that it is extracting and then does nothing. So I extracted the files myself into a folder and double clicked on setup.exe...does nothing. So then I put in the cd to my computer...it mounts I click on it, it opens the purchasing splash page and i click on install ufile and again...it does nothing. Literally nothing...like I don't even get a window or a notification or anything...absolutely nothing happens. Please Help
  4. Rick

    cannot download UFILE

    when trying to download the file I get the error message " CANNOT FIND RESOURCE DLL". It appears to come from UFILE as their logo is at the top of the error message...I tried UFILE help and they suggested I remove the program (and updater) and reload again...I did this 2X and both times I get the same error message...I also get the error message " The Installation source for this product is not available verify that the source exists and that you can access it" I asked UFILE help again and that was 5 days ago and have not heard from them. Can anyone help me, I paid for the program and cannot get it to download...I just want to do my taxes!... thx
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