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In order to carry forward your 2011 tax return prepared with UFile for Windows 2011 to UFile for Windows 2012, please follow these steps:


1. Run UFile and click on "Carry forward a 2011 tax file".
2. Under "Select the type of file to import", check "2011 UFile or ImpôtExpert tax file (.U11)".
3. Click the yellow folder and browse to your *.u11 file.
4. Click "Open" after you locate the file.
5. Click "Continue".
6. Click "Continue" again.
7. Click "OK".


NOTE: It is very important that you browse to find your file. This will ensure that both the name and location of the file are correct. You cannot just enter the name of the file. UFile also needs to know where on your computer the file is located. By browsing, you will ensure that this information is correct.

UFile will open and your tax information will be carried forward into the 2012 tax year.

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I have followed the process above to carry forward my 2011 taxes and everything has come over except for the self-employed income/expenses and CCA list.  Any idea why this would not have come across with everything else?


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It should have been carried forward unless you ticked "Final year of operation" at the top of the Income/expenses page in 2011.


If it is not the case, please send a copy of the 2011 tax file to support@ufile.ca mentionning my name.


You can follow this procedure:


To allow this, please go back to your tax file, access the "Help" menu on the top bar and select "Support Assistant". Click "Next" twice to advance to page 3, enter your email address and select a topic under "Select the most relevant category". In the box, "If this is a follow-up, please enter your UFile request number here", enter the request number that appears in the subject line of this email (UBXXXXX) and then tick "Send a copy of your tax file..." in the box that will appear. Finally, click "Submit request" to send your request to our support staff.


Our support staff is likely to find solutions to a problem faster if they can review the tax information you have entered in your file. No need to worry about the confidentiality of the information provided. It will only be used to help our support staff resolve the problems you have reported and this temporary copy will be automatically destroyed after 72 hours.

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I have tried all of the above but still no files have carried forward I am not getting any files at all.  I have emailed my assessment to the support email so I can re-enter everything. i just need help with what information to carry forward.

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I have changed computers this year. So if I understand correctly..I can transfer the .U13 files from my old computer to my new one, and Ufile will be able to use them?

I need this in order to correctly calculate the carry overs

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If you wish to transfer your tax returns to a new computer, please follow these steps:


1- Transfer the data files from the old computer to the new computer. These files' names have the extension ".uxx", where xx are the last 2 digits of the tax year (e.g. .u08 for 2008, .u10 for 2010,...).


2- If your tax returns were also saved as .pdf files, you can transfer them as well to the new computer.


NOTE: For security reasons, we suggest that you transfer all files using a USB memory stick.


3- If you still have the installation CD-ROMs, you can use them to reinstall the software for each tax year.


If you cannot find the activation code for a tax year, and the software is still installed on the old computer, please follow the instructions below:


1- Start UFile for the same tax year.


2- Go to the "Tools" menu.


3- Click "Registration".


4- Note the activation code and the tax year.


IMPORTANT! Do not forget to update the software.


Please note that you can find a download link for each tax year that we offer by typing the year in question in our Virtual Agent search engine:



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