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Warning Notice of Assessment not sent to Taxpayer's address

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Warning says the notice of assessment and refund won't be sent to taxpayer's address although that is what I think I have selected in interview. Warning is ......"This is due to the selection made when completing part D of the T183 efile authorization form.  To change this selection please click here" so I click on that and it shows that the taxpayer's address is selected in the "Authorization to use an alternative address" field.  I tried setting it back to "select" thinking it would default to the taxpayer's address and it won't save that setting.

How do I fix this so that my client gets her own notice of assessment?

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I've ran in to same error.

(1) Went back to Efile in Quickclick navigator: Re-selected  options

(2) Ran results

(3) Saved taxpayer file then

(4)  Re-efile

It worked


My guess, may have and incorrect selection in efile, but correction done later wasn't saved yet, thus Efile need a refresh. 

Steps 1 to 4 may have forced a refresh, let me know if it work!

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