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Minor suggestion when netfiling

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I've been using UFile (well...Impot Expert) for 5 years now and I'm very happy with it.


One suggestion I'd like to make is with the screen that shows the SIN and birthdate on the netfiling screen. On that screen the birthdate is shown in DD MM YYYY format, while the CRA's website has it the other way around: YYYY MM DD. Seems it would be easier if the netfile screen also showed it like the CRA does. Similarly, the netfile screen shows the SIN with dashes, while the CRA's screen doesn't want the dashes. This prevents us from doing a copy/paste from one screen to the other, and might induce some users to enter it with dashes on the CRA's screen and wonder they can't enter the last two digits.

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Thank you very much for your suggestions.


We are transmitting them to our development team.


We always appreciate the feedback of our users as we strive to have the best product possible in accordance to what our clients expect.


Never hesitate to share your comments...


Thanks again!

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Re the SIN format:  Yes, an unfortunate compromise.  Obviously, the SIN with dashes is much easier on the eyes while working in UFile (9 digits in a row are hard to visually verify against some other source of the SIN).  Ideally, CRA should be flexible enough to accept the SIN in several formats, like tight 9-digit or with dashes or spaces inserted.  I too do lots of copy/paste on the Web and run into a similar problem in many places.


Re the date format:  Yes, a minor annoyance.  I think UFile is trying to use a consistent date format throughout its own Web pages of the tax forms, which is nice in its own way.

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