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T4A(P) Death Benefit

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Please let me know where I can enter the Death Benefit amount ($2,500)  from the T4A(P) box 20 and RL-2 Box C.


From the QuickClik Navigator I selected the form " T4A(P) - QPP death benefit (RL-2)", however there is no box 20 or Box C on the input form. In pressing " HELP while on this form, it does mention box 20 and that the program will report the amount in line 114 Federal, and on line 119  of the Quebec return.  


The only box appearing on the input form was Box 18, so I proceeded to enter the amount. In checking the results section I see that the amount was carried over to line 114 on the Federal. However, on the Quebec the amount appears on line 154 (other income) and not on line 119.


I have no idea what wrong or whats right!!!



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is this CPP death benefit?

and on which box the 2500 reflected,Box 18 and Box 20?

Usually T4A (P), the death benefit is Box 18 and income tax deducted is Box 22

Box 20 is the taxable CPP benefits total of all boxes 14,15,16,17,18,19 and should report on your Line 114 of your return.


On Ufile, enter 2500 in box 18.

is your return is for Quebec?

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Hi Jruj,

Thanks for the quick reply.


I am in Quebec, so yes I am reporting both Federal and Quebec taxes.

The Death benefit I recieved was from the Quebec government. So I don't know if this is a CPP death benefit.

The amount of $2,500 is reported only on Box 20, there is nothing is entered in Box 18 of the T4A (P).

Note as well, there was no tax deducted on Box 22.


Please take a moment to re-read my first posting, as I tried explaining the confusion I am having with the input form in Ufile.


Much appreciated !

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