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Netfile under Linux

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I was so happy that Ufile installed properly under Linux and run without problems using Wine. The only issue: It was telling me that I am not eligible to use Netfile. The result is that I have to print my two returns (mine and wife's) and send them by mail.

I don't like running Ufile under windows for the obvious security reasons and mainly because the installation of updates requires administrator privileges. (If at least it was possible to download the updates and install them offline, I would feel more comfortable. ) In clear text: I don't know what is going on after I hit the update button with admin privileges, especially when my file is already complted with my SIN etc...)


I really hope that Ufile supports Linux one day or that CRA provides citizens with a reliable alternative on the cloud.

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Step 1: Verify if you are eligible to send your tax return via NETFILE

1. Start UFile.
2. Go to the "Results" tab.
3. Look in the "Warnings" section. If you see the message "You cannot currently NetFile your federal return", try to review the reasons and make the corrections.


Step 2: Save the .TAX file (UFile)

Once you are satisfied with the results, proceed as follows:

1. Click the "NetFile" tab (if it's inactive, click the "Results" tab to calculate).
2. Select the family member that you want to transmit via NETFILE (Step 2 on the left).
3. Click the "NetFile to the CRA.." button (Step 3 on the right).
NOTE: If there are errors in the return that prevent the use of NETFILE, this button will not be present. You will need to correct the errors first.
4. A new window will open: "Register this tax return?"
If the name, SIN, and date of birth are correct, click "OK" to add this return to the counter.
5. A new window will open: "NetFile to the CRA"
In Step 1, click on "Save your NetFile return to a file on your hard disk". Save it to your Desktop (for example).
6. Click on "Connect to the CRA's NETFILE Web site" (Step 2).
You must be connected to the Internet to continue. A web browser will open. If not, manually open your web browser and go to the following website:


Step 3: Submit the .TAX file (CRA Website)

Now on the CRA website, follow these steps to file your tax return:

1. Scroll down and click on the "I agree with the Terms and Conditions - proceed" button.
2. If your personal information does not need to be updated, click on the "Proceed with NETFILE" button.
3. In "Step 1 - Identification", be sure to type in your SIN, and date of birth.
4. In "Step 2 - Attaching a return", click the "Browse..." button and attach your .TAX file (e.g., net12h_firstname_lastname.TAX).
5. In "Step 3 - Balance Due", check the box if you plan on making "an electronic payment using my financial institution's Internet or telephone banking services within the next five days."
6. In "Step 4 - Declaration", click the "I agree. File my return now!" button.


If the return was accepted by the CRA, we recommend that you record the six-digit confirmation number that you received by entering it in UFile in Step 3 of the "NetFile to the CRA" window. If the return was rejected, review the error message, fix the problem and try again.


Repeat this process for each tax payer in the family.

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