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UCCB Line 117

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I have entered the Child Tax Benefit on the lowest NET income earner's return (she is higher TOTAL income on line 150 but lower on line 236)  Ufile has moved it to the other return which would appear

to be incorrect.  I can't override it.    Everything I've read says it must be on the taxpayer with the lowest NET income.





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I have just figured it out.  - For the benefit of any one else with this "problem", here's the answer.  The couple make close to the same amount.  His net income (before adding in the UCTB) was slightly lower, so "Max" put it in his income.  That made him the higher earner, so "Max" then put the child care on hers.  That then made her the lower earner, so sent me looking for a way to move the UCTB over to hers.  Aargh. 

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