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TPF-1.U-V for Quebec Returns

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Does anyone know how to generate a TPF-1.U-V for a manual/printed submission? Went to Revenu Quebec with my return today and they said I can't submit without this. Tried googling and someone else had the same problem last year. 




Has anyone found a solution to this?



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UFile.ca (on the Web) does not support Form TPF-1.U-V (the Bar code).


Revenu Quebec is aware of the fact and will not refuse a paper return produced by UFile.ca.


Such returns show RQ12-TP37 as the Authorization number (top right of forms).

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Jazo,  I just dropped off the tax return at Revenu Quebec this morning without the elusive TPF-1.U-V.


My research led me to conclude that if,one, Revenu Quebec does not provide the form, and, two, none of the major Canadian software tax companies create the form, then the form must not exist.


We have fallen down the rabbit hole with Alice in Wonderland, and the Mad Hatter, Revenu Quebec, is asking unanswerable riddles at a tea party from which I shall excuse myself.


I am going with the Ufile administrator's comment:  "Revenu Quebec will not refuse a paper return produced by UFile.ca" and I doubt that Revenu Quebec will refuse to cash the cheque that I enclosed in the envelope.    Let me know if you solve the riddle....

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