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Capital gain from shares and how to defer to next year

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I have bought and sold shares of the same company in 2012 and 2013. During 2012, I did three sets of bought/sold and netted in capital gain, and another transaction where I bought some, but sold it at a loss in 2013.


As an example (for simplicity in the example, the fees are ignored):

1 May 2012 - bought 100 @ $10.00

1 Jun 2012 - sold 100 @ $12.00 --> capital gain of $200 (less fee)

15 Jun 2012 - bought 100 @ $11.00

30 Jul 2012 - sold 100 @ $14.00 --> capital gain of $300 (less fee)

20 Aug 2012 - bought 100 @ 15.00

10 Oct 2012 - sold 100 @ 16.50 --> capital gain of $150 (less fee)


30 Nov 2012 - bought 100 @ $16.00

12 Mar 2013 - sold 100 @ $13.00 --> capital loss of $300 (less fee)


Is it possible to defer my 2012 capital gain, and claim that in 2013, therefore I can offset it with my 2013 loss (for a net capital gain of $350)?


My 2nd question, I'd like to know if I should enter the capital gain as three separate forms in the interview section (as it happened in three separate occasions), or combine them into one? I don't think there is ACB for these.




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You can't defer the gains in the 2012 return - they are gains in that year. If by the end of 2013, you remain in  a net loss position on your total dispositions in 2013, they net loss you have then will be available, then for carry-back to apply against the gains reported in 2012 year. Something to know is that if you didn't pay the amount of tax owing now, when the loss is applied, the tax would disappear but you would still owe interest from the day the tax was due (April 30th, 2013) until the date the request for carry-back of the 2-13 losses is made (which can't be done until your net position for 2013 is reported as part of next year's return.


I would enter them as separate entries to simplify knowing how you got to the totals.


The ACB (adjsuted cost base) for each is the price you bought them for POD (proceeds of disposition is how much you got for them).  POD - fees - ACB= capital gain (loss if negative) and 50% of the capital gain is taxable.


Hope that helps.

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