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Employer's Name on T4 shows up as Error

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Hi UFile,


I have a question regarding entering my employmer name on the T4 form. I have correctly entered the name that shows up on my T4 Form which is "Victoria University", but after entering it UFile tells me that my employer's name is "undefined" and shows up as "error". Due to this error UFile will not calculate my tax return results.


Sorry to bother you about this!


Thank you,



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I am unable to recreate this problem especially since the employer's name is not a mandatory field and I have not encountered anything similar before. We will have to take a look at your file. Please send a copy to help@ufile .ca. The instructions follow:


To look into this issue, it would be very helpful if we could have access to view your tax file. In order to do this, please follow these steps:


1. Login to UFile ONLINE
2. Select "Help".
3. Choose "Support request form".
4. Answer the questions.
5. In the box, "If this is a follow-up, please enter your UFile request number here", enter the request number that appears in the subject line of this email (UFXXXXX).
6. Be sure to check the box "Check to authorize UFile to VIEW your tax file." *


* Our support staff is likely to find solutions to a problem faster if they can review the tax information you have entered in your file.

If this box is checked when you submit your support request to UFile ONLINE, a copy of your tax information will be generated and stored in a secure area where access is restricted to our authorized support staff. This process takes place behind our firewalls and your data is not exposed to the insecure Internet at any time. Your tax information is not sent to our staff as an email attachment.

Your information will only be used to help our support staff resolve the problems you have reported, and will be automatically destroyed after 72 hours.

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Hi there, I have realized the problem was that I entered the amounts of zero when I should've just them blank, and for one of them you have to select a box but I didn't while still entered a numerical amount, so it told me that I didn't fill out one of the manditory boxes.


Thank you for your help!



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